Don't book any air ticket until you read this

1. Buy your ticket in advance
According to study, for Europe the best time to find a cheaper ticket would be 150 days before departure. For Asia it would be 130 days. This gives some idea of when the chances of finding the best price are higher. Prices tend to rise sharply in the two weeks prior to departure.
2. Be flexible on dates

If you are flexible on dates you will be more likely to find a good rate. 

3. Be flexible on the destination

Not having a specific destination in mind can also save a lot of money for flights. When I have my vacation dates I always look at the world map on Google Flight that displays prices for different destinations. In this way, I look at the most advantageous destinations that interest me.

4. Be flexible on the number of stopovers, flight time and flight times

Often, the cheapest prices are for flights with stops and a longer travel time. If time does not scare you and you have the time and energy to do it, you can save several hundred dollars for the same destination.

5. Traveling out of season

It can not be said enough, traveling in low season saves a lot . Both once on site for accommodation, but especially for the price of airline tickets. The holiday season, spring break and summer vacation are the worst times to travel. 

6. Leaving and returning in the middle of the week

Avoid departures and arrivals on weekends, Fewer people travel on weekdays so prices are milder. Departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best choices to save money.

7. Check with flight comparators

To find the best possible price, comparators are essential in your research process. There are several online so do not hesitate to try some to compare and find the one with which you feel most comfortable and who is most suited to your needs.

8. Compare on airline sites

When a price seems interesting, have a look at the airline's website directly . Sometimes you will still find better rates.

9. Use airline overbooking

Several airlines sell more plane tickets than there are seats on the plane , because quite often not all passengers arrive on the day of the flight. 

When you check in at the airport, you can tell the attendant that if the plane is overbooked , you volunteer to take a second flight .