Why a VPN to travel abroad?

Our virtual security remains as important as our physical security, especially while we are on a sunny vacation or short trip with a business trip. 

As a traveler, you are often unknowingly subject to security threats. This is mainly due to the fact that tourists and business travelers are prime targets for hackers, rather carefree and potentially very lucrative. 

It is also because you are no longer protected at home or by corporate network and you are rather at the mercy of public WiFi networks. So in such conditions the virtual private network becomes indispensable for such a situation, unfortunately, it is one of the companions most neglected by travelers. Today you will learn about the main reasons why it is important to use a VPN while traveling.
Discover the features of the VPN service particularly useful for travelers. Some of these reasons, such as WiFi access security, are starting to be well known but others are much less so.  Everyone on the same network can easily access your unencrypted data. Login and password information, credit cards, browser cookies and other personal information easily accessible from your browser and mobile applications, and each of these data can then be used to steal others or be minted as well. 

But this is only one aspect of the problem faced by holidaymakers, traveling workers or even expatriates. See the main reasons why you should use a VPN while traveling?

The service is a useful tool to protect your virtual existence everywhere. One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to keep your identity online anonymous and make all your data encrypted and secure. 

A VPN is ideal for travelers who are used to using WiFi access in cafes, restaurants, hotels and airports. It also helps travelers to ensure that no apps can invade smartphones and tablets.A VPN for traveling greatly improves security.

Expats who have been abroad for a long time know that it is very difficult to watch favorite movies, TV shows and TV channels from anywhere. Maybe this is not a major problem for all travelers, but it is certainly desirable to be able to watch the favorite programs while they are away from home and stay a little connected to his country of origin. However, many services such as TV broadcast services or Replay's services, but these are not the only ones, set conditions for restricting access for Internet users who do not reside in the same country as the service. 

For these travelers, a VPN is their digital savior. By connecting to a VPN server in the same country as the TV channel, it is left with a new IP address that is then used by servers to determine the geolocation of the user. A VPN for traveling gives new freedoms.

Travelers want to connect with their loved ones via VoIP telephony or social media, but this is not always possible depending on the country you are in because of censorship. In many countries, VoIP is forbidden to not compete with the state telecom company for example. This is the case of Morocco for example. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram can be censored by the government. Email services may also have problems. for example it is impossible to use GMail from China. VPN, by encrypting the data, prevents the filtering systems from blocking access, and so we can keep in touch with loved ones, whether through VoIP, emails and social networks with a VPN service to abroad.

This is an advantage often less known VPN, it can save you money on flights, car rental, etc. Internet companies use your IP address to identify your location and determine how much to charge for one of your flights, hotels, car rentals and other options. With a VPN, you can save money and get the best deals by using the IP addresses of different countries to always choose the most favorable geographical option. 

Using VPN, it is also possible to counter the hateful practice of airlines, and more generally online ticket booking, which increases the price of the ticket as the booking site browses. . This practice, repeatedly denounced by consumer organizations is a real scam of online ticket buyers. Here again the VPN can repair the problem. Just connect to another server to have a new IP address and empty cookies from your web browser to appear as a new user, and buy at a minimum price ticket that we spotted beforehand. A VPN to travel allows this way to make purchases at the best price.

Here are some useful tips for making better use of VPN for traveling. First, if you want to use a VPN to bypass censorship in a country like China, you must subscribe to the VPN service before making the trip. Indeed, in the country, it is possible that access to VPN websites is censored, making the installation of a VPN service on the spot more complicated. It is therefore better to go before making the trip.

Once you have chosen a VPN service, here are some important things to remember. Do not forget to use or activate the automatic connection option to never be exposed in clear on WiFi networks. This includes WiFi connection on the smartphone or tablet, using any free WiFi access in the airport or other public or semi-public network. This is especially important for anything that requires additional security, such as banking, online shopping, or the use of email.

There are some tips for getting the VPN connection of the best quality possible. In order not to increase latency, it is generally necessary to use a VPN server located near the premises. If you do not need to connect via a specific country, for unblocking for example, you must use an endpoint as close as possible.

If the connection is horribly slow in the beginning, the VPN can not even connect, or be unusable, it should limit its Internet activities to non-critical things and wait to find WiFi and VPN access active and quality. If you have an unreliable Internet connection, make sure that the VPN remains active. If the WiFi connection is cut off, the VPN disconnects, and it will not always reconnect automatically afterwards. Always keep an eye on the application's icon in your taskbar or notification and reconnect if you do not see it or use a VPN software that automatically integrates this feature.

VPN service is not only important while traveling, it is also important for your daily life when you learn to take advantage of its possibilities. It helps you protect your online identity and get around censorship, so you can take your favorite shows from all over the world. Keep in mind that all the benefits of virtual private networks are within the reach of any user. You do not have to be a computer network engineer to use a VPN service. commercial VPN providers offer their users easy-to-use software with features specifically designed for Internet users who do not want to complicate their lives but instead free themselves from constraints.