When searching for air tickets please delete the cookies

Many websites store your history data and will increase the price of the air tickets if they know the specific flight you are looking for, That means when you come back a second time you are pinged as being more ready to buy and so are likely to be offered much higher prices than you saw before.
When friend asks how to find the cheap air tickets, I'd like to tell them clear the computer cookies. Because cookies will reset every time you open a new window, you should start over for each search that you make. 

The airlines practice a dynamic pricing policy, which means that the more you inquire about the price of a ticket, the more it will increase. 

A quick tip to prevent the tickets from rising from one day to the next is to use private navigation to book your tickets. But the safest method is to clear cookies and navigation data from your web browser before you book your ticket. 

Remember to clear out the cache and cookies in between air tickets searches, especially on different days or weeks.