Vaccination for travelers

It is recommended to all travelers to check before their departure the validity of their vaccinations.

For travelers born before 1980, unvaccinated and with no known history of measles, it is advisable to receive a triple dose of vaccine before departure. The relevance of this vaccination will however be established by the attending physician according to the duration of the trip, its conditions and whether or not measles is endemic in the country visited.

Travel to tropical Africa, Southeast Asia or China

For non-immunized travelers against hepatitis B leaving in the short term in a highly endemic area , a rapid vaccination schedule can be proposed: three close-dosed doses and a fourth dose one year later.

Travel in an intertropical zone of Africa or South America

It is recommended to carry out a yellow fever injection at least ten days before departure. The vaccination is valid for ten years.

Extended stay in a rural area during the rainy season in South or East Asia
It is recommended to vaccinate against Japanese encephalitis: all three injections should be made on day 0, day 7, day 21 or day 28, the last one at least 10 days before departure. In case of imminent departure, an accelerated scheme is allowed.

Spring or summer break in rural areas in Central or Eastern Europe

It is advisable to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis: the three injections must be done at M0, between M1 and M3 then between M5 and M12.
The first booster must be done within three years of the third dose. If you remain at risk of infection, recalls should be given every three to five years.

Extended stay during an epidemic period and in a situation of strong promiscuity
It is recommended to give an injection against meningococcal meningitis A and C at least ten days before departure.

Stay in precarious hygiene conditions

It is recommended to vaccinate against hepatitis A as well as against typhoid .

Extended or adventurous stay in isolation 

It is recommended to be vaccinated as a preventive measure against rabies.


Only two vaccinations may be required during travel: yellow fever and W135 meningococcal vaccine.

Yellow fever

The vaccine against yellow fever is very effective: immunity is obtained in one week in 95% of vaccinated subjects, after a single injection. A single dose of vaccine protects for ten years and serious side effects are rare.

It can be given to children from 9 months of age, together with the measles vaccine, but pregnant women are not advised to be vaccinated during pregnancy.
The yellow fever vaccine can only be carried out in an international vaccination center.
Meningococci serogroup A, C, Y and W135

The vaccine is administered in a single injection and provides immunity of three to five. It is only available in international vaccination centers.

For children over 3 months and under 3 years, two doses of vaccine at three-month intervals are recommended, only one being insufficient to confer immunity.