1, Use your shoes as storage space Roll your socks and store them inside your shoes. Thus, they will serve as a shoemaker to keep your shoes in their original shape. And in addition, using your shoes as storage space will help you optimize your suitcase and gain a little more room.
2, Get faster privilege status for loyalty programs If you travel frequently, it is imperative for you to subscribe to the loyalty programs of the airlines you use. But did you know that there is a little trick for quick access to privilege status? The trick is to collect your miles by traveling with the least known airline of the alliance of airlines to which you have subscribed. Indeed, some of these smaller airlines have more attractive thresholds to access the Gold and Platinum status. Result: by choosing to travel with another airline, you gain a higher status faster than with another airline that is a member of the same alliance.

3, Delete cookies from your web browser The airlines practice a dynamic pricing policy, which means that the more you inquire about the price of a ticket, the more it will increase. A quick tip to prevent the tickets from rising from one day to the next is to use private navigation to book your tickets. But the safest method is to clear cookies and navigation data from your web browser before you book your ticket. You do not know how to empty your cache? Discover our tip here. And in addition, at the same time, you will accelerate your computer.

4, Store your shoes intelligently When packing, pack heavy items  down the suitcase near the wheels. Thus, the weight will be distributed properly. Because there is nothing worse than a suitcase that does not stop to switch when one is in full race towards the gate of embarkation. And to save even more space, store the shoes so that the tips touch the heels, as in the picture above. To discover: How to cleanly store the Shoes in your Suitcase.

5, To avoid the taxi queue, take one from the airport departure area. You see an endless queue in the arrival area of ​​the airport? Then make a U-turn and go to the start zone. This is where taxis drop travelers, and this is where you can easily pick up a taxi - WITHOUT queuing. Of course, this method is not without risk. Depending on the configuration of the airport, walking to the departure area may take longer than waiting in line. But hey, you can not always win.