1. Prepare a hygiene and comfort kit for the flight Consider preparing a small kit with everything you need for your toilet and comfort in the cabin. Indeed, since the new restrictions on the transport of liquids by air , traveling with toilet articles in the cabin has become a real headache. This tip will save you from wasting your time transferring your favorite shampoo into 100 ml bottles before each trip. Similarly, you will no longer need to store and remove the toilet items you need in the cabin from your suitcase. Another tip, try to order free samples of your favorite toilet items over the Internet. They are perfect for completing your survival kit. To discover: How to Drink in the Airplane.

2. Know that you have 24 hours to cancel and be refunded entirely after purchase Generally, you get a 24-hour period to cancel and get a full refund of your money - even for non-refundable tickets. In other words, the next time you find an attractive price, do not hesitate to book your ticket. Then, for the next 24 hours, continue to look for cheaper prices for the same flight. If it happens that you find a better price, you just have to cancel the first ticket and book the ticket at the best price. In addition, some airlines also allow you to opt for a free cooling-off period, which guarantees your reservation and fare over a period of a few days. Other companies offer this same service, but it pays and the warranty is longer: this is the case in particular of the cooling-off period proposed by Air France .

3. Use soft cabin luggage Here is an excellent tip so you do not get your luggage to put it in the hold. The trick is to use a soft cabin baggage , such as a backpack or even a sailor bag. Indeed, the flexible bags are more malleable and can be packed more easily into the cabin luggage compartments. Therefore, they are less likely to be refused cabin. Even better, equip yourself with a luggage in a cab perfectly adapted to ALL airlines .