1. Choose the best credit card to travel Now that you know that bank cards offer benefits, be aware that these benefits differ from one card to another . Therefore, do the research necessary to find the card with the best benefits for you. For example, would you prefer to earn as many miles as possible or be exempt from foreign transaction fees? Some cards can offer you miles for every euro you spend on plane tickets and restaurants. This is the case, for example, with American Express cards . And, you can always cancel after 1 year. Other cards will offer a sign-up bonus of the order of several thousand miles. But to take advantage of it, your expenses must reach a threshold of € 3,500 within the first 3 months following the opening of the account. Finally, some credit cards offer interesting discounts on airline tickets, hotel rooms or car rental. Of course, the annual contributions must also be taken into account. In short, the benefits of bank cards can really help you save money . But it is true that you must take the time to do your research. The best is to use an online comparator to choose the bank card that best fits your needs.

2. Mitigate the effects of jet lag with this trick Experts advise against drinking coffee and alcohol because these two drinks dehydrate the body and increase the effects of jet lag. As for food, do your best to eat meals on time when they are served in the time zone of your destination. It will help your body adjust its sleep patterns . In addition, the quality of the food you ingest can also aggravate the effects of jet lag. Indeed, the food products used in the meals proposed in flight can also dehydrate your organism. Therefore, try to skip 1/2 meals or eat snacks balanced with a high protein content. 

3. Prefer dark colored clothes that fit together When making your suitcase, choose clothes with colors that combine easily and, preferably, dark colors. That way, you will not waste time choosing your outfit and matching your clothes. Another advantage, the spots are less visible on the dark colors.