1. Buy 2 one-way tickets instead of one round trip Sometimes buying 2 one-way tickets with 2 different airlines is cheaper than buying a return ticket especially on low-cost airlines.
In addition, you will have even more choices to find the arrival and departure times that suit you best. For information, some flight comparators already include this criterion in their research. But the best is to do your own research directly on the airlines website, in order to take advantage of offers and promotions of the moment.

2. Roll your clothes instead of folding them Maybe you already know our 15 tricks to make your luggage much easier . One of the best little tricks to make your luggage is to roll your clothes instead of bending them. It saves space in your suitcase and prevents you from wrinkling your clothes. Check out the tip here. And to gain 65% more space, use vacuum storage bags . Last advice for those who are not fans of the idea of rolling their shirts: to minimize the wrinkling of your clothes, use tissue paper or plastic laundry covers.

3. Mitigate the effects of jet lag with this trick Jet lag is a syndrome that affects our fitness following a quick trip through several time zones. Usually, after a trip to the west, our organization requires a full day of time zone adjustment. For trips to the east, it takes a little more time, or one and a half days per time zone. In order to easily reduce this adaptation time , sleep as much as possible on the days before your departure. In fact, the more we are rested, the less our organism is affected by the jet lag. Of course, this simple method requires planning upstream and a certain degree of determination. If you do, the secret is to change your sleep pattern a few days before you leave. - For flights to the east: on the days before your departure, start to sleep 1 hour earlier each night and wake up 1 hour earlier each morning. - For flights to the West: Sleep 1 hour later each night and wake up 1 hour later each morning.