tighter in the seat of the plane?

If you travel frequently you have probably noticed that we have less space on the plane. And it's not just an impression, the seats are getting smaller and smaller. Nowadays more and more people are flying, which means that the airlines want to accompany this request. In wanting to maximize the space in the plane, the airlines are making the space dedicated to the passenger become more and more uncomfortable. 

Can we fight the decrease in passenger room?

They say that honesty is the best policy and frankly, airlines only want you to upgrade to get more space. The problem of small seats does not seem to be coming to an end. However, to better understand why seats continue to decline, we need to take a look at aviation statistics. There was a time when airlines used to have a rate of 69% of their total capacity. However, today these numbers are 80%. In practice, this means that the middle seat is almost always occupied so that we have no room to put our arms.

During the 1960s the size of the seat of an airplane passenger was 43 cm and this lasted until the year 2000. With the appearance of the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380, the size has increased to 46 cm. Only recently have the airlines decided to go back on the size of the seats to accommodate more passengers.

Decreasing the width of the seats is indeed a problem. And what about the distance from the seat in front of you? Unfortunately for passengers, this space has also decreased considerably. It was 81 cm and now it is 71 cm in some planes. Major manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus are increasing the number of seats per row.

In economic terms, Ticket prices have fallen by nearly 3% in recent years. The impacts on health and safety are debated on a daily basis. The problem of tilting the seats with the decreasing decrease of the space between the seats makes us think if it is really worth having reclining seats.

You should have already noticed that some low cost companies such as Ryanair, have found a way to avoid this problem of reclining seats. These companies have chosen to put a fixed and non-reclining seat, making their acquisition cheaper.

Are the airlines doing something to restrict this decrease in seats?yes. Seat manufacturers such are trying to compensate economy class passengers by building some extras. This includes setting up tablet stands and chargers for various equipment. The German company Recaro has developed seats and headrests. Another manufacturer Panasonic Avionics has worked with another manufacturer on a seat for the economy class, called Jazz which includes a direct light mentioning do not disturb and an HDMI output.

the seats of the economy class seem to be aligned with a downward trend. However, airlines are also making an effort to make passengers forget the growing lack of space. However, we do not know if these distractions will be enough to forget the space that was available before.