tickets for trains in Europe

You are not going to sit in one place, having come to rest in Europe? Then the information about railway tickets, taken in European trains, will  come in handy .
Depending on how much and how far you are going to go, the type of ticket is chosen: a travel card for several days or a one-time ticket from the station to the station. But what to do when choosing a payment method?

You probably already heard the edge of the ear about Eurail Global Pass, Select Pass, Regional Pass, and One Country Pass. EurailGlobalPass allows you to travel to 24 countries in Europe.

You can buy a continuous  travel card for 15 or  21 days, as well as for one, two or three months, or a flexible  travel card for 10 or  15 days of travel in total for 2 months.
With SelectPass,  you select four neighboring countries and can travel five, six, eight, or ten days in two months.

There are many regional travel , acting on popular routes. A full list of regional travel cards is available on the Raileuro website. You can buy a travel card for a period of 4 to 10 days, valid for 2 months.

And, of course, in any case, do not forget about travel, valid within one country, A complete list of such tickets can also be found on the Eurail website.

First and second class

In European trains there are cars of the first and second classes. First-class wagons are usually equipped with more comfortable seats, they have wider passages, there are additional conveniences like air conditioners and so on.

Businessmen and lovers of a nap on a trip usually prefer the first class. Tickets of the second class often cost a third less than the first class, these are quite comfortable and usually more crowded.

Many tickets require only the first  class for  passengers over the age of 26 and the option to choose between the first and second  class for  those who have not yet turned 26.

Is there a need for a reservation?

On some popular routes it is really necessary that passengers  book  seats. For example, there are such requirements in Eurostar London-Paris trains. Also often such a requirement is put forward in high-speed trains.

However, the vast majority of flights do not require prior reservation. 

The reservation itself can be free of charge or cost a certain amount . Booking can be done at any train station in Europe or through online services of transport services.

What to choose, a ticket or a ticket from the station to the station?

If you have never before traveled Europe by train, you will have to digest a lot of information. Sometimes it is difficult to determine from the first time what is more profitable, a travel or one-time ticket.

General advice - a travel card can be beneficial if you are going to often travel by train and visit many countries. Remember, in some countries the railway infrastructure is better than the neighbors.