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What about data recovery on flash

Flash media such as USB sticks, SSDs still retain data even if they are not the electrically powered disappearance of data on these media can occur in the event of sudden loss of power electrical overload, crushing of the electronic plate and overheating.

Files that are in flash memory can be restored using specific software. In the case of an SSD data recovery can be complicated. And for good reason it is necessary to unsolder the flash components.

This operation makes it possible to free oneself of the controller and to detect the defects of this one The algorithm for organizing the files on the components will be deleted.

The data is then reorganized so that the recovered files are readable. This operation is more or less complex to find all the lost files, many important information.

The loss of data can result from human error.

the user has accidentally erased them or accidentally formatted them, It may also be due to a hardware failure.

A loose hard drive or a virus that damages a computer can represent years of work or memories, in the case of photos or personal videos.