Secure payments abroad

To prevent payment problems from blackening the table.

Do not keep all your payment methods in one place. Keep your cash and cards in the same bag? It's not really a good idea. Better to keep a credit card in the trunk of your hotel room. It will be your backup solution if you lose your wallet . Be careful with your secret code. Make sure no one is watching you when you introduce it. Cover the keyboard and do not be distracted. Learn your codes by heart and do not write them down anywhere, especially not on your map.

Use your self-banking and regularly check your transactions. Will you be able to access a computer and a card reader in your resort? You will have a smartphone or a tablet where a mobile banking app is installed? If the internet connection allows, you can then use a self-banking solution. What to consult your balances and your transactions with ease. You will also see immediately if something abnormal has occurred and you can inform your bank.