on plane

For many of us, flying has become a habit . Whether for business trips or for holidays, it is indeed rising today in an airplane almost like in train.

However, when the trip lasts several hours, it can happen to feel some discomfort or even outright physical discomfort due to lack of space, promiscuity, dry air and all the inconvenience related to the change of pressure fast when taking off or landing.

So that your next trip is more enjoyable, we decided to share with you our tips and tricks for a perfect flight! 

1. If you make a long trip, your seat will certainly be equipped with a screen with many movies, series and even games to keep you occupied throughout the trip. Enjoy!

2. Always carry ear plugs with you . They will be particularly useful if you are sitting near a snorer or noisy children!

3. Other hobbies to brighten your journey could be crosswords, arrow words, sudokus ... In short, all the games that absorb your mind.

4. Sleeping is also synonymous with fast and quiet travel. Why not equip yourself for the occasion: sleep mask, flight cushion and comfortable outfit, Here you are ready to take a good nap!

5. Rather than having to get up several times to reach the luggage compartment, prepare a small bag with everything you need during the flight: book, blanket, water bottle, etc.

6. If you choose your seat, avoid those who are near the toilet and the back of the cabin because these are the noisiest areas of the plane.

7. If you are sure you do not disturb your neighbors, take off your shoes ... the relief is instant.

8. For flights longer than two hours, we recommend that you choose aisle seats so that you can stretch your legs without disturbing other passengers.

9. Drink water regularly, but avoid alcohol that would make the aircraft more desiccating. The trick in addition: take an empty bottle and fill it in the fountains located near the toilets, you will save a bottle of water at airport prices!

10. Chew gum  on take - off and landing to avoid earaches.

11. If the flight lasts more than two hours, get up every 45 minutes to stretch your legs. Effective advice against back pain and heavy legs!

12. Bring a jacket , scarf or long-sleeved shirt (even and especially in the summer) to avoid catching a cold.