Money on the move, it remains the sinews of the war. When you have a limited budget, you have to monitor your expenses, but you also have to pay attention to the way you use your credit card.
Here are three scams that everyone can meet while traveling.

In some countries, tickets have many zeros. So much so that you can feel like a millionaire. I think in particular of Burma where the weakness of the currency leads to travel constantly with a bag filled with tickets!
The problem is that we are not used to computing quickly with such a number of zeros. This can be confusing. And the crooks know it. Also, it can happen that in exchange of money or that paying your note, your interlocutor tries the blow by counting on a carelessness on your part.
The change of currency is another delicate moment. Indeed, for a time, both currencies are in circulation, with a number of different zeros for each. You can easily imagine the temptations of crooks and the risks for our pigeon!
Inquire before you arrive on the exchange rates and the local currency . Above all, take your time during each transaction to count your tickets. Use your mobile calculator if needed.
Some countries where the currency has many zeros: Burma, Colombia, Guatemala, Vietnam , some Central American countries
Abroad, paying with a credit card is sometimes necessary. For the purchase of a plane ticket for example, it is unusual to pay in cash. Similarly for some big expenses such as diving trips or expensive activities.
Most of these scams happen in a restaurant or shop . The employee picks up your card to make the payment. At the same time, he / she remembers the data of your card: your name, the 16-digit series and the security code.
Then, either he resells the information to an organized gang, or he uses the data himself to make purchases.
Three other ways can be used to copy the data from your card:
the rogue can use a card scanner . This small device can easily fit in the server pocket. Then it is sufficient that he slips the bank card for the numbers to be recorded. Simple and easy.
there is also a program that can be implemented on a "normal" card reader, in any discretion ...
the server or other person may use the receipt you received after your payment. Many people throw them in the trash of commerce. An error because malicious people can recover these receipts. These sometimes contain enough information on your card to be able to constitute a copy of your bank card.
If it is not possible to reduce the risk to zero, some measures must be taken to reduce this type of scam:
pay as much as you can with cash. Feel free to go to an ATM (ATM)
never give up on your credit card during transactions. Insist that the person do the transaction in front of you. Certainly, your card can be copied through a program implanted in the player. But at least that eliminates other means of copying.
Never throw your receipts in the trash after payment. Keep them with you, then destroy them. Or, simpler, refuse to print one!
check your statements regularly to make opposition as quickly as possible.
if you have two bank cards, always use the same for these payments. If possible, use the one with the closest expiration date.
opt for a low ceiling and leave little money on your current account
The card cloned to the distributor
Your data may be stolen without your awareness when using a distributor. This case, less common and more subtle, causes more damage to your purse.
You have to know that crooks need your secret code, as well as the copy of the magnetic stripe.
This is possible thanks to a system and / or a tiny camera installed on an ATM. We can also observe you while you dial your code Your card will then be used to withdraw money 
Other means can be used . A system inserted in the machine can make sure to hold your card. Or a fake card reader can be installed. A fake emergency number can even be affixed to the dispenser. Once your card is stuck in the machine, the victim uses this emergency number and then falls on an accomplice who will ask him his card number and PIN. That's it.
I had been previously alerted on the Internet about distributors trapped. In the street, by informing me, I was able to avoid one of them. On the other hand, other travelers had been had. I also met a disappointed hotel. These distributors were obviously not placed in a bank, but in the street.
Preferably use ATMs located in banks or shopping centers. Never in the street, at least in the countries of the South. Unless a card reader protection system is in place. In some banks, you can also have a cash advance at the counter.
Hide with your body the numeric keypad when you dial your code. Or put a hand on it. Quit to go for a paranoid! Make sure no one is too close to you. Do not hesitate to ask other travelers if the distributor concerned seems to have a problem.