Are you leaving for a weekend or you simply do not want to clutter or wait for long minutes after the flight that unloads your luggage? Know that it is quite possible to travel without checked baggage. 

1. Check the franchises authorized by the company

Each airline has special regulations regarding the size and weight of the approved hand luggage. So first of all, find out and select a piece of luggage that matches the dimensions.

2. When leaving, wear the heaviest clothes

Ditto for shoes, rather than flip flops, wear your trail shoes, you will lose weight and space and it will be much more comfortable. For clothes, wear pants rather than shorts, plan a sweater in your purse. Here again, it is always more comfortable to have something to cover, because it is sometimes cold in airplanes and airports.

3. Leave all liquids at home

The regulations are rather strict regarding the transport of liquid products in your luggage. No need to embarrass yourself even with tiny flasks, especially if you plan to stay at the hotel where shampoo and shower gel will be provided. And you can always buy the rest in any business once there. And if you really care about your little skincare routine, know that there are shampoos, soaps and even strong toothpastes!

4. Go soft on pairs of shoes

Shoe pairs are typically the kind of things that take up a lot of space. And often, we only wear one or even two maximum during the whole trip. Drop this pair of ballerinas or moccasins that you will only put once , prefer comfortable shoes and take a pair of flip flops that will serve you as well at the beach, the pool, only in the hotel room, as slippers.

5. Properly store your luggage

Whether you have a suitcase or a backpack, you'll save a lot of space by properly storing your belongings. Some advocate rolling clothes, others rank them flat: to each his technique. It all depends on the business and type of luggage you bring. Always plan to leave a small place for the memories. It would be a shame not to be able to bring back.

6. no books, take a reading light?

We agree, the charm is not the same. But the weight either. Take a reader or a tablet, the latter will allow you to connect to the internet. Remember to download some applications that will be useful during the trip, as well as some games, just to keep you busy when waiting at the airport.

7. And those who will not serve you

No need to carry your hair dryer, you will surely have one at the hotel, or if it is hot, adopt the style natural drying, very trendy during the holidays. Exit also the big beach towel, prefer to carry a microfiber towel. It dries much faster and takes up very little room.