Inverness,out the window views has been a sudden change in.
The lush green grass becomes overgrown with thorns,dry yellow dry yellow turf on the mountain rocks overlap the bright sunshine gradually be gloomy Mists instead. Look to have been the desired missing peaks,only the line of sight parallel to at a few low hills. See does not see rain,but see the wiper constantly draw out water marks. Sitting in the open enough heating of the car. the slightest feeling less than cool,with the hand wipe the blur out the window of the steam,through the blur of the paw print,clearly able to see the outdoor chill. Chris suddenly stop,looking back at everyone, and say:welcome to come to the highlands. Cold,as if suddenly fell into a huge ice cave,measures to timely prevent, the cold biting. Get off the hastily wrapped tight coat belt hat,chill can still break loose,invades the skin. However, this cold ,is not the kind of languorous huddle,just the cozy comfort of the cold. It carrying heavy water vapor,to stimulate the whole body each cell,excites out of all of Vitality. This cold,you fight ang Yang. The long grass on the dew moistened vamp,uh,out of the heat for a moment it floated into the fog, like forward with this piece of Earth blend,can't put into words the joy. The head is thick clouds,I stand on the earth,yet feel the sky so close. This piece of land,looking ahead is a single tone of brown,with to describe. The grass has wilted yellowed,there is no tree,only the thorns resistance also with the wind。 Behind the rocks there are occasional antelope agile jump jump,can in this harsh nature, the survival of the Highlanders,rare,only rumors. I heard that every October,dark thorns will open a small flower,lifeless into the purple flower sea. We are Outlander,can only see this land the appearance of vast,if the lack of the guide,read it out of inner sadness.Culloden Battelfield,when the battlefield became a shortage of land,only the red and white sides represent different camps of the flag,still fluttering in the wind. England and Scotland the war had lasted too many years,this war is all the battles of the end,is Scotland a section of the tragic history of the beginning. Eyes as if to reproduce on the day of the scene,filled with blood Yijun,knowing that the outnumbered,also the lack of sophisticated equipment,but just courageously grappling,the last drop of blood still refused to retreat. This piece is full of killings of land,all maintained the original appearance,only the feet on the long grass,is rain-washed,faded scarlet of blood. The cold was almost trembling,it was from the heart chill. In the Motherland the history of ever seen similar picture,indescribable sympathy,humiliation and unwilling jumble of pain,empathy. At that time the population of the less,after the defeat of the rare complete family. Losing loved ones is a great pain,worse,there is the British government issued a ridiculous Decree. There can be no more than five people shared a room,not drinking whiskey,on pain of heavy capital,light then exile in Australia. And because these trumped-up charges and far away foreign land of the people,then the prosperity of the Australian economy. Chris speed fast,with a thick Scottish accent,these history is not well know ,he's so passionate and full of emotions but very appealing. He has finely divided soft blonde hair,blue clear eyes,handsome,but couldn't say whether the handsome. He seems very young ,but it is difficult to judge his age,wrinkles on the face do not know is the smile or climate imprint. Don't know how to describe only exact,say he is energetic or humor funny. Speaking of moving things,he could not kiss T-shirts eye-catching pattern,this pretty flower-shaped and banner on the same,was their national mark. This scene reminded me,mindful of the homes of people who are no longer separate individuals.The Scottish people,which is to him most fittingly describe,nor is he born with the name. The ancient Battlefield of the Cold,the moment to moment dissipated. Back to the car,Chris took out a bottle of whiskey,that can borrow the wine to banish the chill,but also to teach you traditional Scottish drink. First read the section toasts,to the bottle against the forehead,and then drink a mouthful of wine,first in the mouth, full aftertaste,then swallow,feeling the fire straight down,not Zhang big mouth,breathing the cold air. Wine bottle such as the baton-like from the front row to pass over,it was the booze it was also shirk,the phrase good luck with the wine of the word as a spell-like mouthful,earlier no one back was correct. Born not the good wine of the believers,for it is violent,has a heart born timid. Took the wine bottle is a symbol of the shallow discretion bite,did not dare to drink more,the component just enough to wet the oral cavity. Carefully identify the taste ,warm, mellow,slightly sweet aftertaste. Killed again by the spicy and taut nerves relaxed down,the whole body feel comfortable appropriate,even also want to re-taste some. Everyone likes it better than wineries in the taste of the drink,like ten years old,this difference,what exactly in the wine itself or the method and atmosphere. Then back to the front row,only the remaining half of the bottle. Chris distressed to be large is called,ask everyone mouth under the mercy not to drink,anyhow the remaining morsel,let him remove the driver burdens after the settlement. The crowd laugh,fully understanding the English government banned the Scottish people drinking,they should have what dissatisfaction. Strong wine-like fiery heroic people,must not be endured to belong to their culture and way of life,to be stripped to change. However the defeat,powerless. When the British government ambitious to build date does not fall Empire,only to think of the abolition of the moratorium,with the Scottish settlement,in order to drive these valiant warriors of the people,expansion of the layout, around the campaign. History although has been gathering dust,scars failed to full healing,of rancor,continues to this day. Leaving the highlands of the barren,gradually close to city warmth.Inverness,the name literally meaning is a nice huko,here,Loch Ness has been close to us. Loch Ness is a puzzle fans. Water blame the whereabouts of the unpredictable,rumors real to the enemy,attracted numerous curiosity seekers or busybodies,but also the achievements of the IT, today the famous. I believe monster used to exist,but does not believe there to witness the good luck. Loch Ness is a confession of the fan surface,only few people can be the mystery to uncover. The dense shade of mountain trails,bumpy,the car bumps in the road Jump,this journey as a roller coaster General stimulation wonderful. While everyone in high spirits,Chris launched again everyone ,along with him to the nice lake to swim. I was surprised to stare at these hands in response to the maniac ,doubt the lake cold wind will blow Wake Up. We arrived to the lake,Chris asked everyone to per person,a pound, donate year-round living on the lake side of independent researchers. The payoff is in the team selected two people,feel free to pick a member of his hand-made toys water monster. The shelf on which lay a variety of clay dolls,charmingly naive ,visible the author is still not obliterate innocence is. The small price of three pounds Big Four pound,this meager revenue and guest contributions,perhaps his entire life source. Forget his name,nor remember his looks,now want to come to some sorry. He,like many nameless scientists, faceless,obscure,but does not complain. For most people,the mysterious water monster,but is the gossip chat,laugh later ,who cares if it's there. Believe it or not,I will change,if not vital independent,who is willing to adhere to such a nothingness belief. Who is willing to put aside the past life,to live in splendid isolation in the lake,all day long tracking clues,study of boring data,wait for the one day a miracle occurs. We don't know who they are,for their total devotion to the cause,at most can only understand probably.We will praise science Discovery Channel program,or to celebrate the world and the puzzle is to unravel,in these special moments we will think of them,and in the hearts of silent know thanks. Chris led his squads,have been put on a swimsuit,a mad dash into the water. Worked with the finger touch over the water surface,immediately retract,the cold biting. Sure enough a time,the calm surface of the lake,the sound of water and the exclamation Qi fly. Is swimming,rather than playing in the water,however after all can not be in the water long., to go ashore before the group photograph,the better a picture of the Loch five heroes of Fig. Uncover the legend, the mystery,the Loch Ness is actually bland and have no train at all. Some envy them,to the courage to this journey add color to. Travel,sometimes need a little mood,a little indulgence,only more exciting. There is no`Winter Swimming`courage,just infected with their emotions,also feel to rejoice together. The sky began to float  drizzle,they're coming ashore,individual frozen skin purple,busy Dressing wrapped in a blanket,drinking Heating. Drive to Inverness Youth Hostel has been close to the eight point,everyone has felt tired of it. Chris finished the bottle the last few SIPS of wine,in celebration of this hard work day. Youth hostels usually are not,that more than twenty people associated a number of small mountain-like backpack to squeeze to get to,reception room with almost no turn around space. Hurry to register,go to the room to put down Luggage on the running for the door,purchase some supplies,solve the day's Dinner. All the way around to go out of town,shops have been ,then more walk More far,things have yet to buy,the road to awareness a lot. The big supermarkets generally open in the suburbs,find the Sainsburry complete the shopping task,and then go home,Youth Hostel people go to Floor empty,not just a crowded scene.That pair of Wuxi couple is also carrying a shopping bag back,although we got first place,but didn't find the wall blocked the next on the map,Tesco mark in the hotel vicinity. Bowl bubble on the instant cream of mushroom soup,pizza and French fries all put in the oven. In the super-city selection quite a fan thought,finally free but in the kitchen busy. Eating is a daily need,food is life burden,since cooking is not fine,you have good arrangements. Subsistence must ensure that,the taste also want to save;methods must be simple,effective but to be successful,this is a lazy man's cooking experience,I had with ease,and quite complacent. A Cup of sweet chocolate,wait for the oven fragrance,,see them in the kitchen fuss. Steak, bacon, egg, and bread plus VAT of cooking oil,in the stove are lined up,the most admire and can cook and willing to cook people,just look at this rack,I have been in awe. Then they self-deprecating to say eat more British food,natural Chinese stomach early in the protest,the trip began soon ,instant noodles left with only one bag,in domestic cooking is also illiterate,forced was discovered,cooking the concept is actually very simple,as long as the material getting cooked,will be able to swallow. Our French fries have been Golden,the pizza also exudes a coke incense,they are still the fumes of hard work,the small mountain-like raw materials,do the next two days of food. Livelihood problems come to an end,end Cup of tea to the living room to chat,meet by chance the stranger,home is too far away,the heart it is easy to get close. We envy them the honeymoon trip to the romance,but also teach the way to experience. Them to UK prices and climate there are many complaints ,in London only added to the sundress,to love Ding protection would have to buy winter clothes to keep warm。 They are to speak just the car good insurance,thanks to the go of age is not our turn,or caught in a group of twenty or so students,really ashamed.For them,travel is taking advantage of the holidays to see the world,and for us,this time abroad backpacking requires a large period of time to RBI. Visa travel vacation route,is a tree in front of the obstacle. Like everything is in place,the East wind was blowing,suddenly found thirty-year-old has been away from The was not far. Laughing already eleven o'clock,those young people with wine came back,the mood does not reduction,sit down and participate in the talk to. From dinner to a trip of knowledge,gradually the topic to the national circumstances change. For USA, Canada, Australia,few questions,questions prone to the relative occlusion of the mysterious China and South Africa. So we try to explain the one-child policy it has to implement the necessary ,grow, although some lonely,for so many years people have long been accustomed. No visa is difficult to get out of the country,but fortunately China is a vast land,East and West have different views can delve into it. South Africa girl speaking,the rich diamond and gold mineral reserves and not make them wealthy,as this is the United States control over mineral mining rights. No advanced mining and cutting techniques ,wasted many resources. While domestic prices are skyrocketing,especially education costs,has been difficult to burden. Many South Africans now live in Europe,the same Caucasian face behind ,there is always some low self-esteem and grief is unable to let go of. For a time,no one speaking,their silence,the silence in the homeland can not change the status quo.

Also here disc constant a day,so the city just like them to get up early. Dawdle to 9 points out of the door,see if there are dolphins,such as the legendary haunt on the high tide of the river domain. This scene appeared in the summer,now is still chill,still decided to try luck. Go out soon to hear behind came the horn sound,turned and saw Chris from the cab of the probe greetings. The car outside the car people are waving,to get along with but half a day,but also with a few farewell party. After all, from the ends of the earth,don't expect goodbye. Didn't see the dolphins,fortunately, that the three River intersection of the scene is also quite spectacular. Guess they also allow leading to the sea,otherwise there will be no dolphins by waves. See the swans through the bitter wind to fly,in the river the wind violently blowing,feel the body is also lightweight ,have the desire to ride the wind and go, just be cold,can be folded. Inverness known as the highlands capital city,is located in the fortress,water land,are available in this in turn,prosperity is evident. Nice Lake here into a long,narrow, quiet stream, the Blue River is a clear fast-flowing,lined the water's edge Golden filigreed dry Narcissus,pour into the painting the wind view. Can't find yesterday to see the gloomy and unpredictable scenario,surprised it changes,question whether they really will it recognize it. Look through the map,yesterday the water monster-infested place called Loch Ness,flows to here,it's the name of getting the River Ness. Loch is the Scottish word Lake meant,so I thought that was the same as the lake water,but here ,less in Scotland a unique flavour. That said,Inverness is also not the heights of the heroic and the vicissitudes of life,seems too serene and beautiful. It is a mountain surrounded by a piece of basin,don't know is all year round with an ideal climate,is today the sun is particularly bright。I think I can at the lake the Sakura tree under the bench sit for half a day,do nothing,only see the surface of the water such as Der Spiegel,will This city of the impressions of reflection as this clear. Cross with Church and Castle,also there are flowers and greenery,very London Thames Kingston River Verve. Or,here more like it is a miniature version,as small,so much more refined. Along the nice Lake stroll,the river bed more and more narrow. Across a small bridge,just embark on a nice Island. Offshore but a step away,the dense woods and the gurgling of the water,has been the city's atmosphere is completely cut off. With the town empty streets,here to hilarious much,someone Jogging,someone to hold the dog for a walk,someone on a bench sit whispering in. I don't those who are visitors,those who are here for the residents,they seem to have on here cooked twist,everyone with some light pine candid look. In such a small town,often sent questions,where all can not see the factory or company,to see who is countersunk in the work,everyone seems to have live guests. Suddenly forget their also on vacation,and also holding a lot can be wasted time,still endure could not envy others for a leisurely life,the heart always have a lingering sound,remind yourself of the final day to get back to reality. But Lake heart Island,walked across the bridge and across the ditch,this square inch of the ground also let people lost direction. Came to a wide lawn,presumably back to the shore. On the swing sit,I want to go back to the lake blowing wind,he had to climbers. Climb the stairs,a sight that can be described as twists and turns,who claim a wish.