In Pitlochry and get off before the last stop is a visit to the Edradour Distillery,the world's smallest whisky distillery,and the opportunity for free tasting.
Scotland a total of more than two hundred wineries,to visitors free open was one of the few,by this point it is sufficient to attract ,not to mention here cute not like the winery,more like from a fairy tale. Along the Creek approached,through the yellow dry Narcissus and tulips flowers,white wooden house is the factory. Holding a glass of wine,while watching the video and enjoy the taste,on the screen of history far less than this amber liquid interesting. Don't know drinking whiskey with disabilities is also like wine,you'll enjoy the hanging Cup. Anyway, the wine has been poorly studied,also do not know to appreciate,so often push unaccustomed to wine., so as not to throwaway the. Every drop of wine,that are repeatedly refined by distillation after crystallization,the wizard let us not use the table on the water,try to appreciate the flavor. In excitement and curiosity,drink his first bite,the spicy taste instant the lips paralysis. Then hastened to swallow,only to feel the throat becomes along the line of fire,blazing release with heat. After this incident,afraid to try again,hurry to drink a few SIPS of water to extinguish the fire. All of the brews are in a building of hut completed,the tool is also not much,be taken for granted much thought,this process is not complicated. No piece of modern equipment,the bronze vessels were produced in the 18th century,today only a few still spread in the world. The work here mostly is physical work,I see ordinary people may not be able to adapt to,for a moment it was the air the strong wine gas smoked drunk. They meet the status quo,and proud,as if never thought of the expansion of the yield,or add a few automation equipment to replace labor. Wine the most precious place,that the time of the experience,fragrance and alcohol are from the long years of silently waiting.Wine people also have the same serene calm character,personally complete each step,have an infinite mind. Some traditional,if not cherished,turned into history,a visit not to. Made wine also to-day use of people and,the lack thereof will to the absolute sound. On display at this masterpiece of the collection,and this factory is now most proud of the varieties,called the Senate,it went all the way to London,for today's authoritative taste. Whiskey the alcohol content is usually 40 degrees to 60 degrees,from the deep, such as amber to colorless transparent,different color can distinguish between categories of different. Just drink just a normal 10 year old,but a bottle of also to 20 pounds or so. The first drink actually is 60 degrees the spirits,no wonder that only a small population will withstand do not live. Micro is drunk,a slight drowsiness,Pitlochry Youth Hostel a little rest,only to restore the spirit to continue the afternoon walk.

Fish Ladder,the first eye from the brochure on to see such a quirky name,curiosity will flourish burning,eager to probe what happens. Crossing the river of the crucian carp is the Chinese adjective,does outside the state-owned old saying called the salmon climb the stairs? Out of town worn trail,follow the arrow to walk on the dam. The gap is not very high,the amount of water is not large,not forming a spectacular waterfall,only hang down a couple of water blinds. The river flows to be meek slowly,the dam is under the power but this might change. will it upset it. Scotland's abundant precipitation,falling on the ground on the nourishing wetness of the vegetation,falls in the water then of the Do power supply to humans. Other complain about the weather and unpredictable rain or Shine impermanence,as good as managed to the best use. The dam is a stone chamber,is this legendary Fish Ladder observation. Interior light the gloom,through the two fan huge glass,can be observed communicates with the river of the sink,water color faint yellow,undercurrent Rapids,occasionally brought a few pieces of dead leaves,and then no other. Came back with nothing,times feel disappointed,back to the youth hostel,could not help but to someone else it. The original is unaware of the salmon daily routine,although not the best observation time,is still determined next morning to go again a try. Again into that dark room,the faint cloud of ambiguous water color in barely there is a monster swimming around,shoved and then with it the cold eyes of the video,the sudden terror. I have seen three salmon,usually by slicing the sheet,also lined with decorative,fish meat,orange, pink and tender, very flattering. Thus clamorously to see it live look,unexpectedly is so huge and hideous,and the imaginary recognition. Some disgust,still leaned patience to look,to see if they continue to swim through the water tube into the height,that's upstream,and finally disappear. Which also has a few tails of juvenile fish,small of body,but also dedication have to ride the waves forward. Salmon the growth process,from the Creek to swim to the rivers and towards the sea,eventually return to the place of birth,breed and the life runs out. Fish are simple creatures,but still with a difficult Secret. These problems all left to the biologists,I want to learn,if you think the egg is good,never again want to recognize the eggs of the chicken. River someone hanging a fishing rod,keep strains to be fish;it was also standing in the water the Central,such as the mainstay. Standing on the bridge,watching them fling the rod,wet moisten with the fish line in the sun,to draw a shining Arc. Also gaze at the clear river water,river bed pebble size grains can be distinguished,just not half-fish the trail. Who have no harvest,who are not quitters,my biggest drawback is impatient impetuous,is not the Find a views pleasant place to strive for. One side is the mountains,one side is the flowers blooming farm,Pitlochry is a lovely town,just too small,to be half a day has been enough to see over and over again. Fortunately, the town and the only piece of Commercial Street,leisure time can be shopping to kill time. Wool Shop,the fabric used for the Scottish grid,the most simple red and green combination out thousand of thousand change ,feel free to walk in warm or light. Same material,similar style,for the moment can not be resolved,the hanger of the dress,who wore more appropriate. Too many extravagant costumes,has the substance to play too extreme,if one day, men and women clothes is no longer a difference,the British pretty or charming,only really comes from their temperament. Like to do a Stirling rose shape Silver products,lines and simple simple,but chic aesthetic. Also some jewelry,set with colorful smooth stones. At the end of the street a jewelry factory found,the material however is to plant the rhizomes. Dry dyeing,pressing a slice,on the light after how also can tell,that's the once dead branches. Old craftsman,old machine,the endless heart of mercy,it is hard to imagine as real jewelry,from this environment. Total vision if not from the natural,of the moment. there is always day will be gone. However, its price is higher than sterling silver,some incredible. If one day the depletion of natural resources,decorate the life,but also to the virtue of hand-working and creative. Youth hostel on store street,also downtown in the take static.From the stairs to the aisle,and everywhere covered with a thick and soft red carpet,on the wall Wallpaper hanging painting number,a kind of elegant ornate style. Tired when you get some soft pad to sit on the second floor windowsill,the street spirits high in Leon's passing will not pay attention to this a bunch of eyes,a Cup of hot tea,watching the sun setting it was getting dark ,full of street lights fire all lit up. Chris walked into the lounge,I'm still comfortably sitting,maintain the gaze posture,and then to see him as friends like go to, ,but to observe keenly. Asked our nationality,he asked me from which province,and then whistle, Also call our name. Asian people in Europe is not like chicken. crane group like aim,and we are today from Pitlochry on the car is only a passenger,our driver does not know that the car otherwise a pair of Honeymoon travel in Shanghai the couple. We are also surprised. British Chinese mostly students,in the Edinburgh course, can see many familiar faces,in this remote town are rare who are of Asian descent. Last night in a hotel full of exotic character of the guest book,leaving the only Chinese signature,and sincerely desired:before the Ancients have come,not negative this natural carving peck out the good scenery. Today the bus early to overcrowding,thanks to the three people get off at home,only empty seats. Say Come also Qiao,this seat is in the`Shanghai`couple back. Seated i.e. with the accent talk ,see two people in a dazed,had to use standard Mandarin to ask it again. Turns out this couple is no tin person,afraid to nickname The thin only under the guise of Shanghai. Although non-natives,is also a neighbor;although the non-refresher,phase chat a few words on the times of feeling close. Just the whole afternoon and no chance of deep conversation,Chris continues to mobilize the atmosphere,so full of emotional are to follow him. Everyone to introduce themselves,to answer the question,he also like to encourage everyone to mention something about the Scottish problem,to make answer after such childlike joy,the car in the few moments of quiet. Even halfway to join us,too soon with this group of strangers are familiar with. Eye sockets sunken bridge of the nose slightly bent,Romanian man,is Chris ridicule was called the vampires;from the United States the girl did not Americans a common problem,failing to fuss too straight call God;the Canadian girl is very quiet,rarely hear her speak because the car just fell down the big sleep;from the UK the only one,Chris said his hometown of Manchester is also not hate,this is probably the Scots against England can make the highest praise.