He and the receptionist is also intense to talk about,some without resistance,eyes only on the wall posted photos and promotional materials on spinning.
Before you also go to a Haggies as to organize backpacking and famous tours,although the tour of the highlands, sink the castle and other content sounds wonderful,however the Weekly fixed departure time but can not help but upset all the arrangements. Day of departure only, this Macbackpacker,also alone, it introduced Jump-on Jump-off concept. Even participating in three-day tour,you can also choose the way stop in the town of residence,seen enough, just take the next Shuttle to go,travel time to casual extension,the whole can be freely controlled. Return train ticket before the expiration,we have plenty of time to stay in Scotland. I'm fanatical too infatuated with its capital city Edinburgh, a short skirt,with respect to the highland line,but more period to be when the weight. For the heights of understanding,limited to the bagpipes,mountains and a short skirt,the impression from the movie Brave heart,the lens in the picture is often different from the reality of the aesthetic,who are known enough to the whole letter. They discussed where more beauty,where is worth to stay a few more days,these names seem strange to listen to hard to pronounce,I have no idea lockets doubt,no understanding. Schedule gradually clear,accommodation and date to fill up the entire Blue Card,with it even completed a full appointment. Destination not in Perth,its inexplicable crush from sounding name,but the quiet is preferably a beautiful small town with many,not enough, especially not into a dry backpacker's method eye. I should admit that not enough professional,humbly heed the expert advice,go to where all have a different kind of scenery,the strange world of sea and Sky,are to be I know Scotland.

Bring full bags to Highstreet Hostel collection,today's passengers only we two,exclusive a car twenty several medium-sized van. Pure white body,the sides of the graffiti-like brush with Macbackpacker a few characters,Mercedes huge sign glitter,a look at times known to be vehicle-born May row a thousand miles good horse. Even people with Luggage settled ,only to find that the entire compartment was as empty of. Desire is difficult to fill,the body are limited,although the vehicle seat can be randomly selected,in order to close to the driver,or willingly squeeze in the first row. The driver serves as tour guide,is a not to be underestimated the role,and more importantly,they are all native soil long the Scottish people,able to answer our concern. He said although not to a prosperous season and a weekday,today only two passengers of the situation is still uncommon,tomorrow to Saturday,places are already full,unable to accept the appointment. He also said traditional Scottish. skirt is still the unusual dress,he often wears to work. Had to Edinburgh costumed street performers and excited,now think of such a big man wearing short skirts to drive a bus,smile cannot be suppressed with face。 Leaving the terrain UPS and downs of Edinburgh,the rubber of the tire and the gravel friction out of squeak karma sound fade away. This city is entire of the journey start and end points,here have been through for two days,for it is the favorite of the increasingly strong, and,before leaving the car window transient that is over the street,still for me back to the taste nostalgic.

The twinkling of an eye then to the countryside,verdant wilderness between has a large bloom canola flower fields,in the gloomy sky,still intensely eye-catching. Yellow has always been my love,but the rape flowers bright Golden exception,that's kind of filling the vitality and exceptionally rich color,a small clump will be able to ignite the whole piece of the line of sight. Each time after more than ten hours of flight,out of the cabin won the day,unfortunately in a half awake between,see what is the date line. In May The see belonging to the early spring flowers,original to this turn to trek,also chasing off the season. Front row,time to back off,whether the green of spring will be long-term. From Edinburgh go to Pitlochry on the way,stop over a few attractions. From the bridge overlooking the Kan River through the clumps of jungle,called the Queen's View,in England the king does not eat ,all the good of the whole is crowned with the Queen's name,by the Express People's affection. The government and the people of the war burned the Dunkeld Cathedral,it's torn seem so special. It cannot even be called a Church,just a few wall,empty of a body,but in the most original way to show the architectural features. Church of the broken wall remnant wall in a number of many tombstones,perhaps ever in this sit prayers of the people are now buried deep underground. No roof,sun straight right through to come in,here, although silent,but not sad cool.