Health problems among travelers

Depending on destinations and travel conditions, different types of infectious diseases are at risk for travelers. 

It is imperative for all travelers to update the vaccinations recommended in the immunization schedule.

Depending on the area visited, other vaccinations should be considered:

The yellow fever vaccine : essential for a stay in an endemic area . This vaccine is only available in International Vaccination Centers (IVC).

Hepatitis A: highly recommended for all travelers to a precarious country. This vaccination is the subject of a special recommendation for young children  whose parents come from highly endemic countries and who will be brought to stay there.

The typhoid fever vaccine : recommended for all travelers traveling for long periods or in bad conditions, in precarious hygiene countries.

Hepatitis B : recommended for long-term or frequent stays in highly endemic countries where chronic carriage of this virus is widespread.

Invasive meningococcal infections. There is vaccination against meningococcus A + C + Y + W135. the latter is obligatory for pilgrims going to Mecca. It is also highly recommended for travelers traveling to Sahelian Africa during the dry season and who will be integrated into the population.

Rabies vaccine: recommended for people who are on extended and  adventurous trips to high risk areas such as South East Asia, Africa and South America.

the vaccine against Japanese encephalitis : advised to expatriates and travelers going for prolonged or risky stays in the circulation areas of this virus .

the seasonal flu vaccine : especially recommended for all people over 65 and all those who are the recommendations of the vaccination schedule in the course of travel.