Drinking more water on the road?

Drinking more water on the road? 

many people think that tap water is not good to drink, anyway, Tap water is safe for health. There is no reason to deprive yourself, especially since it costs less than bottled water.

The water delivered to our tap comes almost exclusively from ground water . This water is of excellent quality because it is naturally filtered by the soil during its infiltration. Moreover, depending on its depth in the soil it is less vulnerable to surface pollution . 

In addition, samples are regularly taken in the production plants and on the distribution network. The water must meet a lot of criteria of control to respect the European standards of quality in force. It is the most controlled foodstuff .

Wallonia in particular, has a water of distribution of excellent quality. Every year, huge investments are made to maintain its quality . Distribution water is regularly monitored by producers and distributors.  Of underground origin tap water naturally contains limestone . The water is loaded with mineral salts, trace elements including calcium carbonate . This one is good for the health: it is necessary for the growth and to guard against the decalcification of the bones . And then, no danger of calcium overdose. The organization is responsible for eliminating the surplus to keep only a small amount.

The water supply company injects a microscopic dose of chlorine into the water to protect it from bacteria. It is a dose completely safe for health .

If you notice this taste or aroma and you are uncomfortable, pour the tap water into an open container and place it in the refrigerator . After about twenty minutes, the chlorine will have evaporated naturally. Add a few drops of lemon juice to further improve the taste. There are commercially available filters that can eliminate, among other things, the smell of chlorine. However, it is important to use them well to avoid any problem of bacterial contamination.

The whitish color of the water is due to the presence of fine air bubbles. It is air that is sometimes released inside the pipes of the buildings during a pressure drop or because the temperature is higher there. This has no influence on health.

Water contains very low concentration , nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and silica . But also, iron and manganese .If you have brownish water , do not drink it. Remember to rinse your pipes. Sometimes these have been dirty during the repressurization of an installation, following a water cutoff. If staining persists, call your water company .If the connection and the pipes inside the building are still made of lead, your water could contain some. In high doses, it causes lead poisoning . If your building was built after 1963 , there is no danger because no lead pipe has been installed since then.

The water comes from several aquifers. Its taste can vary from one region to another. The water dispenser in your area can tell you where the water that supplies your home comes from.

Very cheap to buy, depending on the region, tap water is 120 times cheaper than bottled water  !

tap water is a food that does not cause any packaging waste : it is permanently available at your home, without any packaging. Its consumption does not involve any sort of waste, no movement to the container park and even no transport of bottles , From the store to the house.