The best tips for finding a cheaper plane ticket online.

When planning  our trips, we always spend hours  looking for the best fare for our airline tickets . Days to compare different companies, dates, routes. During our flight bookings, we realized the logic of airlines and flight comparators. So we decided to  share our experiences of travelers to help you find the cheapest airline ticket on the internet and avoid scams.

Finding a cheap airline ticket is  the first step of any traveler who wants to go on vacation . There are offers everywhere  and they have never been so accessible. As you may have noticed, prices vary all the time. Why ? When is the best time to book your plane tickets?

In this article, we have selected for you the best sites where we have already booked for cheap and especially those in which we have never had problems , just to make you also save time in your research. Just use the banners in this article like this one very convenient:

01. How to find good destination ideas for your next trip?

Finding your next destination may take time. Everyone does not travel regularly and it is better not to be wrong in their choice.

In terms of practical tools, we use Skyscanner a lot to help us find our future destinations. Simply launch the destination search mode based on the price of the airline ticket by clicking on the "map" option. And very quickly, you reach the destinations that are accessible to you according to your budget. Very convenient.

02. When is the best time to go on a trip?

If possible, avoid the holidays and  pay attention to public holidays in the country visited . It makes sense that traveling during the school holidays has a cost. Also note that during spring break or during the Christmas holidays, flights are more expensive than normal. This is the hard law of supply and demand.

Be flexible with your travel dates. Flexibility is the key to finding cheap airline tickets. We all have our obligations and some can not choose their day of departure on vacation. However, think twice.

Prefer to fly in the middle of the week rather than the weekend. It was noticed that flying on Thursday was often cheaper.

Avoid the month of August, a month during which many Europeans travel.

It's not for nothing so every year, our 2-month long-haul trip starts on the Thursday closest to June 21st because it's the cheapest starting day every year for the period.

03. When to buy your flight on the internet?

Buying and booking your flight at the right time is also a must-have tip to save some money on your next trip. Based on our experiences as travelers, we found that for  domestic flights  you have to book your flight  about 7 to 8 weeks in advance . This may vary a bit depending on the destination and the high-season tourist periods. For  long-haul flights: Between 3 weeks and 5 months . Do not book early (more than 5 months in advance) or too late (less than 2 weeks).

The month of December for example is traditionally conducive to the promos because few reservations are made during this time of the year.

What day and what time should you book your flight? Weird question? not really.
Airlines and other flight comparators change their rates according to the days of the week. The cheapest days to book your plane ticket are Wednesday and Thursday, midweek.  And yes, airlines generally update their booking bases in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. They immediately put back on the market cheaper tickets resulting from canceled reservations for example. Tickets unsold during the weekend can also find at this time more attractive rates.

But be careful this hour is not fixed because the site can be based in the United States as in Thailand and there are inevitably stories of time differences. We will dig deeper and we will try to tell you more soon.

In summary, when to book and buy your flight on the internet?

Book your domestic flights 7 to 8 weeks before departure

Book your international flights 3 weeks to 5 months before departure

Book your flights  mid-week, Wednesday or Thursday ideally.

04. Clear browser cookies

Before going into search mode of the cheapest flight on the internet, you need to know some tips about cookies, you know, its little software that retain our IP addresses when we visit a site. We already imagine some read us thinking about the famous cupcakes ...

More and more people are wondering about the results of internet theft comparators. On the same computer,  the prices displayed also depend on the browser and browsing history.  Some companies therefore use  cookies  and thus offer you increasingly expensive prices over time. When you are ready to book,  after comparing via one of the comparators of this page for example , you must always empty your cache and cookies stored on your computer.

Our tips for getting out:

Remember to empty your cookies from time to time. The famous Ccleaner has been used for a long time  .

You can also use the private browsing of your browser in addition to clearing the cache and cookies.

Our tip : When you have decided to buy your ticket via a computer, connect via your mobile to the same site and compare the rates proposed for the same criteria. research. You can have good or bad surprises as to the new price displayed.

05. Know your flight budget

We all missed out on a cheap fare hoping the price would go down again. And finally the offer passed us under the nose. A trick to avoid this kind of inconvenience:  know in advance the average price of the flight that interests you . Have a price range in mind, it helps to make a decision.

06. How to compare prices and find the best flight rate?

Compare prices with low-cost airlines

Remember to compare the prices of airline tickets  with low-cost airlines, cheap airlines. These airlines reduce their costs as much as possible , which helps keep prices low. In addition, at certain times of the year, these low-cost airlines offer non-fare tickets . Clearly, we only pay taxes . Make sure that the connection between these secondary airports is easy from or to your final destination. Indeed, some low-cost airports may be further away from your place of residence than traditional airports. 

Fly from the secondary airports of the big cities.

For Europe with Ryan Air from Beauvais for example. The Beauvais airport is located 80 km north of Paris. A bus from the capital takes you to the airport. It's simple, but their baggage policy is very restrictive. 

However, low-cost flights are not always the cheapest. Why not compare with the rates of a regular company? The two comparators below compare multiple airlines including low cost carriers. Personally, we prefer SkyScanner for finding a flight .

The comparator has many possible options. The display is clear and unpolluted by advertising . There is also a general search option. Simply enter your departure city and travel dates and the comparator will show the most relevant destinations. A great tip to save money if you do not have a travel destination idea yet.

07. Try alternative routes to pay even cheaper

In addition to being flexible on dates, you will also need to be flexible on your travel itinerary. We know, we ask a lot but you will thank us when you have saved a significant share of your ticket! Sometimes it is cheaper to fly from London or Madrid to distant destinations. For those who travel far and have the time, I invite you to compare the price of airline tickets according to several cities of departure.

Here are some of our flight experiences to pay less for our flight tickets

08. Buy individual tickets for several people

Remember to compare offers by buying your tickets individually . This seems counterintuitive . We think a priori that more people book, less salty will be the note This is rarely the case with airlines. Airlines will generally limit the number of seats per flight they sell at their lowest rate.  As a result, you can sometimes miss a bargain by simply having too many passengers.

How to do ?

Look for the ticket price for one person.

First look for the entire group at a time to make sure the flight has enough seats to accommodate everyone.

Then try the same search for a smaller group and compare.

09. Our tip: limit luggage and insurance costs.

Before confirming your flight, check for additional charges due to baggage, booking fees, and method of payment charges. These can significantly increase the price of tickets. Airlines have different policies on baggage.

10. Another tip: use your loyalty cards

If you fly regularly and you are a loyal customer, you can benefit from discounts on the price of your airline tickets. Although access to precious miles is more difficult than before, it is still a reduction . This is a good option especially if you book your tickets very early. Indeed, airlines reserve only a small batch of seats eligible for these preferential prices. Once a member of a loyalty program , one can then consult his online traveler account and thus be ready when the desired number of miles is reached. In summary, using your miles is as easy as using your credit card.