Cheap air ticket tips-2

1. Act as if you were booking from another place to get a cheaper ticket The place from which you buy your ticket is called the point of sale. However, airlines are changing ticket prices based on their point of sale , a practice known as regional pricing. Basically, the price of a ticket will be lower if you buy it from a country where the standard of living is lower . This is also the case if the country in question is a market that the airline is trying to penetrate. For example, you will not find the same prices on the French version of the site comparateur de vols on line than on its American version, - although these are the same flights. Similarly, domestic flights abroad may be cheaper if you book them from the airline's country of origin. On the other hand, prices will be displayed in the currency of the country in question. Therefore, do not forget to do the calculations necessary to convert prices into euros.

2. In case of overbooking, volunteer not to board the plane! All airlines practice overbooking , also called overbooking. But did you know that compensation is provided for customers that this practice deprives of place? Therefore, when your flight is overbooked and you do not have any urgent obligations, volunteer not to board the plane and thus make money easily. Last time it happened to me at American Airlines, I received $ 500 for my next airline ticket . Not bad, is it? That said, do not forget to negotiate your care and your compensation  Ask to be compensated in cash or airfare. If you are offered vouchers, make sure they do not contain tons of restrictions and restrictions. Good to know: the more desperate the airlines to reduce the number of passengers on the plane, the more interesting the compensation! Therefore, and especially when you are the first to volunteer, make sure that you receive the same compensation as the latter to volunteer. Finally, also make sure of the conditions of your care. Notably, be sure not to be in standby for the next flight. Similarly, avoid at all costs to find yourself stranded in an airport .

3. Be served before everyone else by choosing a special meal To order a special meal  before taking your flight, you must indicate this when you book your flight. With this tip, you are likely to be served before everyone else . Sympa not? This is a significant advantage. Why ? Because you will be able to eat and fall asleep before all other passengers, without having to wait for the hostesses to serve and clear the drinks and meals throughout the plane. And besides, it seems, the special meals are of much better quality.