Cheap Air ticket tips-1

1. Find out about the code shares Before you buy your ticket, take time to find out about the terms and conditions of the airline partnerships you have selected: the famous code share . More specifically, inquire about the number of miles offered for your trip. Indeed, some partnerships allow you to earn the same number of miles, and others do not. Similarly, some partnerships calculate the number of miles offered based on the ticket price, not the distance traveled.

2. Prepare your cables and chargers for your travels in advance You can not run through your apartment to gather all your electric chargers and cables one hour before leaving to the airport? You are not the only one, To avoid, The trick is to prepare a travel pouch, in which you can keep all your electronic accessories, batteries and chargers. I advise you to use a plastic pouch, like this waterproof pocket with a zipper .

3. Discover new cities - free You have already bought your plane ticket? So why not add a free stopover on your journey and take advantage of it to discover a new city? Indeed, several airlines offer free stops. Just ask for information. Most of the time, these are cities "hub" . This means you can visit additional destinations on your way - but without having to pay extra. This is all the more interesting when it comes to a business trip, since the ticket is already paid by your employer. So you can discover  Helsinki with Finn Air, or even Bangkok with Thai Airways.