Airlines offering wifi in flight

Would you like to check your emails or just chat with your friends when you fly?  it is now possible to surf the Internet on plane.

Many airlines allow travelers to use wifi in flight usually for a fee depending on the time or the amount of data consumed. The implementation of wifi in aircraft requires large investments from airlines regardless of the technology chosen, terrestrial or geostationary satellite. 

Most Airbus A380s as well as some Boeing 777s today are equipped with free wifi available for up to 10MB of data, then $ 1 per 500 MB. Alternatively, you can also use your mobile phone on more than 300 flights per day thanks to the roaming service  offered by OnAir or AeroMobile service providers.

Air France
Still in test phase on several regional A320s, Air France also plans to equip a large part of its fleet shortly. 

Turkish Airlines
Using the technology offered by Panasonic, Turkish Airlines now offers WiFi on board many of its long-haul flights through the Planet platform for free for business class passengers. The service is currently available on some Boeing 777-300ERs and the company is making every effort to equip the other Boeing 777-300ERs in its fleet as well as A330-300s.