7 tips that every traveler should absolutely know

1. Use the private browsing mode of your browser to book your flights and hotels.

Travel sites know how many times you have visited the site, and are raising prices to make you believe that prices are increasing day by day and pushing you to buy. The private browsing mode saves you from having cookies and other small spyware on your computer - and lets you see the real prices.

2. If you have forgotten your wall charger, be aware that most TVs in hotels have a USB port behind them. With a simple USB plug you can charge your devices.
3. Scan all your important documents before leaving and send them to you by email.

If you lose your papers or get stolen, you can still access their copies from anywhere. Passport, ID card, airline tickets.

4. Put your phone in airplane mode to save battery and recharge faster

5. Wait until Tuesday at 2 pm to buy your plane tickets

That's when most major airlines reduce their prices, and you can buy your tickets at the best possible price. Prices fluctuate a lot depending on the day, and as most sales are on Monday nights, prices drop drastically the next day. 

6. If you are traveling with two on the plane, reserve the seats window AND hallway, do not take the middle.

If no one takes the seat in the middle , you will have a row of seats to yourself, And if someone takes this seat, you only have to ask him gently to exchange with the seat corridor, so you can sit next to each other.
7. Free Wi-Fi access at airports

When you are at the airport, You can sit right next to a Business or VIP lounge, near the wall: The signal Wi-fi sometimes passes through the wall.