What's the air alliances?

Many people are familiar with the concept of air miles, but in order to maximize your possibilities of travel, it is useful to further explore how airlines work together with the banks, and how you can ensure that these partnerships work for you.

Unions and partnerships are an integral part of the prizes for the trip so it's important to understand how they work before we start.

Most of the existing airlines are members of other existing airlines or alliances or agreements are individual partnerships.

In many cases, you can fly an airline and earn miles on airline b when you cash out your miles, you can often use airline miles to fly to any number of other airlines, including airlines!

There are three basic Alliance, each of which has several airlines:

Star Alliance:

Star Alliance is the largest Alliance, which includes the following airlines:

SWISS Airlines, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, Scandinavian Airlines ,Shenzhen Airlines, Turkish Airlines ,Singapore Airlines

Several star Alliance airlines actually share the miles & more loyalty program, to add an extra layer of confusion.


Oneworld is not so great, but lately he has grown:

Finnair British Airways Japan Airlines  Qatar affiliated Airways

Another major skyteam, which I call "the remnants of the Union" 😉:

As miles & more "star Alliance", several skyteam airlines joins the volleyball program called flying blue.

Other key airlines:

So why is this important?

We are more about each program and their partners later in the series (and every day in the blog) to say so, at this point, it is important to remove that, regardless of the miles you have, you probably have many other options to redeem your miles as you thought.

You can discuss various partners, but you always follow the rules of the program you have, so it is important to know what it is. Miles dictated that the price of the subscription table, and what the rules are.