Preventing cookies from tracking your IP address

Did you know?

When you browse the internet you are tracked. As you probably know the websites you surf on record your browsing data using cookies, they say to offer you the best possible user experience then.

The airlines and most of the comparators use cookies to put pressure on you by raising the tariffs under your nose to make you buy.

For example, when the first search on their site, you will have a flight to 35 €. Then during the second search, it will be increased to 38 €. Then to 58, and so on. You probably suspect that this inflated price is totally artificial. Its only purpose: you push out the blue card.

My tip to avoid being bananed by the cookies of the airlines: use the private navigation of my web browser. So I'm sure to get the best price each time .

You can also simply do your research from your mobile phone and then, when the time comes to book, go through your computer, and be perceived as a first-timer, who will be entitled to the best rates.