How to choose your backpack?

How to choose a suitable backpack volume, We often talk about volume but you will also hear about capacity, literature or even capacity. These terms refer to the same thing and are measured in liters.

the volume is shown in the model name, This number represents the volume of the main compartment plus the volume of all the pockets .

Sometimes you will see two numbers, For example: 85 + 25. The second number 25 indicates the volume of the extension that is present on some backpacks. This extension is generally present under a retractable flap.

To choose the volume of hiking backpack I will not give you typical volumes because it does not really make sense. I will guide you through a few questions so that you can determine your needs and constraints and make the right choice for yourself.

The first question to ask yourself is what types of hikes will you do with your backpack?

Depending on your budget and the type of hiking you are going to do, I advise you to have a single versatile backpack or two or even three backpacks if you practice very different types of hikes. you can have a backpack of 30 liters for small hikes and a bag of 80 Liters for long hikes.

The second question you have to ask yourself is under what weather conditions do you hike?

The colder it is , the more you will need to bring clothes and the larger your bag will be. If the conditions are wet, you will also need waterproof and spare clothes.

Are you going to put all your belongings inside your bag or do you intend to hang them outside?

Hanging on to your backpack makes it versatile, But the hooked material must be stable, that it is not inconvenient and that it can be protected from the rain if necessary.