Find a cheaper hotel

The cost of hotels depends not only on brand but also on location.

As a rule, hotels in the heart of the city are the most expensive . If there is a need to save money, why not settle in the hotel a few kilometers from the center, and get to the sights and places by public transport or on foot? For me, it's even more interesting, you can see the residential areas of the city.

Also for economy, you can book a hotel even In another city. An example from my personal experience is preparing for a trip to Tokyo, we reserved a room in the Ibis hotel in the suburb of the city, The room was twice cheaper than in the hotels in the center. The hotel is modern, clean, and comfortable. We spent just 20 minutes on a walk and about 3 minutes by train on the train to get to the center of Tokyo. So we got more comfort at a lower price.

And to shift this way the location when choosing a hotel can be not only for the sake of economy, but also for pleasure and comfort. 

If the financial issue is not important,  in my opinion, it is better to spend the same amount for living in a good hotel of a higher level and with excellent reviews a couple of kilometers from the center than being settled in a mediocre hotel in the very center with inflated prices.