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Safety Tip: what is EXIF?

It's not a good idea to say that we are going on holidays on social networks - The photos you take with your devices also contain EXIF metadata .These are data included in your photos that can be very interesting for a hacker given that the brand of your device as well as the exact location of the place where the photo was taken can be included .

Which airlines offer wifi on the plane?

Which airlines offer wifi on the plane?
Which airlines offer wifi on the plane?

The company Norwegian offers free wifi on most of its flights in Europe.

Air France
The French airline Air France has been testing the Internet paying connection on its aircraft. 3 price options between 5 and 20 euros are expected on certain aircraft from this year, the entire long-haul fleet will not be equipped until 2021.

On the company Emirates wifi is offered, but only up to 10MB, It's not huge.


Take a look at , a good site that lists many companies. 

You will find a lot of models of the desired company with the plans of the cabin, the equipment of the seats, you will be able to choose the most advantageous according to your wishes.

Preventing cookies from tracking your IP address

Did you know?

When you browse the internet you are tracked. As you probably know the websites you surf on record your browsing data using cookies, they say to offer you the best possible user experience then.

The airlines and most of the comparators use cookies to put pressure on you by raising the tariffs under your nose to make you buy.

For example, when the first search on their site, you will have a flight to 35 €. Then during the second search, it will be increased to 38 €. Then to 58, and so on. You probably suspect that this inflated price is totally artificial. Its only purpose: you push out the blue card.

My tip to avoid being bananed by the cookies of the airlines: use the private navigation of my web browser. So I'm sure to get the best price each time .

You can also simply do your research from your mobile phone and then, when the time comes to book, go through your computer, and be perceived as a first-timer, who will be entitled to the best rates.


The flight reservation is a formality one can not simpler and not very useful for the embassies, It can only be issued by a travel agency. Rather than buying the tickets the agency takes care of reserving them, A very important nuance in this case since the booking does not require any payment of the ticket.
Through its reservation system, the agency will propose to you to book a round-trip airfare on the dates of your choice, this is only a booking, which means that you will not have to take these flights there or even to cancel your reservation. 

To put it simply it is a simple formality to carry out for the embassy. Travel agencies are accustomed and know it. And for hotel reservations, it's exactly the same principle.

Do you travel only in Europe? take the European health insurance card

Are you traveling to Europe? European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland?

Before you leave get the European Health Insurance Card . It will allow you to certify your rights to health insurance and to benefit from an on site treatment of your medical care, according to the legislation and the formalities in force in the country of stay.

On the other hand you will have to advance all the expenses, It is therefore strongly advised to take out long-term travel insurance.

Multiple compartments

A good backpack must have several separate compartments, you can separate your belongings from the smaller pockets that allow faster and more convenient access to the business you are looking for.

For example I always put my clothes in the main compartment, my shoes in a separate pocket so that they do not dirty everything else.

This also allows you not to waste too much time searching the bottom of your bag every time.

Waterproof fabric

Even if your bag does not need to be 100% waterproof - make sure the canvas you use is waterproofed, so you do not have to find all your wet stuff at the slightest dripping.
Many bags are equipped with a removable cover that you can be fixed in case of heavy shower.

Also make sure the fabric dries quickly to prevent it from staying wet and moldy. When looking for a thick but light canvas to wear, you'd better spill a glass of water on your bag and check if the inside remains dry. 

How to choose your backpack?

How to choose a suitable backpack volume, We often talk about volume but you will also hear about capacity, literature or even capacity. These terms refer to the same thing and are measured in liters.

the volume is shown in the model name, This number represents the volume of the main compartment plus the volume of all the pockets .

Sometimes you will see two numbers, For example: 85 + 25. The second number 25 indicates the volume of the extension that is present on some backpacks. This extension is generally present under a retractable flap.

To choose the volume of hiking backpack I will not give you typical volumes because it does not really make sense. I will guide you through a few questions so that you can determine your needs and constraints and make the right choice for yourself.

a dummy wallet

Thieves usually know how to seek money, I find a alternative is the dummy wallet, that is a wallet with some canceled cards and some cash. I stash in my shoe, or a pocket. when a thief mugs me, I can hand over the dummy wallet and we both may walk away happy.

The Wipp Express

The Wipp Express, I have not found anything better to replace it! It is a cleaning product designed for small laundry by hand . In short, it's the perfect solution to do laundry anywhere on the road!

And it also allows you to carry less in your suitcase and so to travel light. Of course, for drying, it's easier in hot countries, but one night on the radiator does very well as well. The Wipp Express comes in powder , it is easier to transport and  easier to rub and remove the big tasks .

What's the air alliances?

Many people are familiar with the concept of air miles, but in order to maximize your possibilities of travel, it is useful to further explore how airlines work together with the banks, and how you can ensure that these partnerships work for you.

Unions and partnerships are an integral part of the prizes for the trip so it's important to understand how they work before we start.

Most of the existing airlines are members of other existing airlines or alliances or agreements are individual partnerships.

In many cases, you can fly an airline and earn miles on airline b when you cash out your miles, you can often use airline miles to fly to any number of other airlines, including airlines!

There are three basic Alliance, each of which has several airlines:

Star Alliance:

Star Alliance is the largest Alliance, which includes the following airlines:

SWISS Airlines, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, Scandinavian Airlines ,Shenzhen Airlines, Turkish Airlines ,Singapore Airlines

Several star Alliance airlines actually share the miles & more loyalty program, to add an extra layer of confusion.


Oneworld is not so great, but lately he has grown:

Finnair British Airways Japan Airlines  Qatar affiliated Airways

Another major skyteam, which I call "the remnants of the Union" 😉:

As miles & more "star Alliance", several skyteam airlines joins the volleyball program called flying blue.

Other key airlines:

So why is this important?

We are more about each program and their partners later in the series (and every day in the blog) to say so, at this point, it is important to remove that, regardless of the miles you have, you probably have many other options to redeem your miles as you thought.

You can discuss various partners, but you always follow the rules of the program you have, so it is important to know what it is. Miles dictated that the price of the subscription table, and what the rules are.

The safest plane, Airbus a340

Airbus a340 is the safest plane.

Find a cheaper hotel

The cost of hotels depends not only on brand but also on location.

As a rule, hotels in the heart of the city are the most expensive . If there is a need to save money, why not settle in the hotel a few kilometers from the center, and get to the sights and places by public transport or on foot? For me, it's even more interesting, you can see the residential areas of the city.

Also for economy, you can book a hotel even In another city. An example from my personal experience is preparing for a trip to Tokyo, we reserved a room in the Ibis hotel in the suburb of the city, The room was twice cheaper than in the hotels in the center. The hotel is modern, clean, and comfortable. We spent just 20 minutes on a walk and about 3 minutes by train on the train to get to the center of Tokyo. So we got more comfort at a lower price.

And to shift this way the location when choosing a hotel can be not only for the sake of economy, but also for pleasure and comfort. 

If the financial issue is not important,  in my opinion, it is better to spend the same amount for living in a good hotel of a higher level and with excellent reviews a couple of kilometers from the center than being settled in a mediocre hotel in the very center with inflated prices.