Travel bag or suitcase?

Travel bag?

The travel bag is the lightest luggage, often around 1.5 kg. This is the formula to adopt for short trips like trips via a low-cost airline or to take his business in the trunk for a weekend. 

The travel bag is also to be considered for students coming home at weekends. Lightweight and easily transportable, it's a good formula. Some models of travel bags are equipped with a telescopic handle and 2 wheels for easy movement.

The major disadvantage is their fragility when used as baggage in the hold. They can easily be cracked and they are less secure because there is rarely an integrated lock system.

Soft case?

The main advantage of soft suitcases is that they are lighter than rigid suitcases. This is an undeniable advantage when it comes to going on a low-cost flight and you have to save the weight of your luggage to avoid paying a surplus.

Another advantage is the price which is also often more light than rigid suitcases. Finally, soft luggage often has a front pocket that can be practical.

The disadvantage of the soft suitcase is that these luggage are made of canvas and therefore can deteriorate more quickly in case of abuse. 

However, this disadvantage tends to be reduced because the textiles used are constantly being studied and improved, so that some soft suitcases are close to the performance of the textiles used for bulletproof vests.

A good compromise between quality and price in soft luggage would be the brand Travel which proposes especially luggage specially adapted for low-cost flights in luggage cabin. The Lipault brand offers original soft suitcases with sleek shapes and neat details.

Rigid suitcase?

The rigid suitcase is often stronger but also heavier. Some suitcases curl the 5 to 8kg. This criterion may be embarrassing when a long journey is made to a distant country where it is necessary to cover and the limit of the weight of the baggage set by the airline is 21kg.

However, the manufacturers are coming out of new materials combining solidity and lightness. Thus Samsonite has developed a patented material under the name Curv made of polypropylene and Rimowa, which uses polycarbonate, all using a highly resistant plastic base. 

These new technology materials have a cost and these suitcases are often sold more expensive than other rigid suitcases made up of traditional plastic. However, these rigid cases made of polycarbonate or polypropylene are almost indestructible.

Even blows and scratches do not mark these new technology suitcases. The president of Samsonite Europe even pushes the demonstration by taking a suitcase Samsonite Cosmolite to throw it of 3 floors.

A rigid Samsonite suitcase such as the Cosmolite or Firelite range will be very sturdy. These are Samsonite suitcases often illustrated in the Samsonite TV campaigns. The Rimowa suitcase is also one of the most reliable cases on the market. Rimowa suitcases are often used on television or in movies. 

Wheels and castors for transport comfort

The wheels are an important element to choose a suitcase . They must be effective to facilitate your travel. The 2-wheeled suitcases allow you to "drag" your luggage and are sufficient for relatively light luggage. 4-wheeled suitcases are practical when the luggage is heavier. We feel more comfort with the 4 wheels because with good wheels you no longer feel the weight of the luggage.


The Rimowa suitcases are equipped with the best wheels, they swivel without a hitch to 360 degrees, a real pleasure, you no longer feel the weight of the suitcase, you get the feeling that the suitcase slips by itself. 

The wheels of the suitcases are elements which are very used, they take the shocks of the sidewalks, the pavements, the shocks during the putting in the bunker and they are often weakened and are part of the elements that can damage the fastest. 

So in the long run, it is better to choose a suitcase a little more expensive like a Samsonite suitcase, made from more resistant materials and which will absorb the shocks better.

Lock system

Lock TSA : this type of lock is increasingly used by baggage handlers because they are locks to the norms of the American authorities. Indeed the American authorities hold a specific key to open this type of suitcases without damaging the lock. The TSA lock is easily identified by a red diamond. Important to note: for TSA locks no key is provided. Only customs officers have the type of key to open the TSA locks. Upon receipt of your unneeded luggage therefore look for the key to open your TSA lock. 

When you receive your suitcase, the default code is 0-0-0. If you want to change this code, you will have to press the small round button located on the opposite side of the push button while turning the three wheels to reach the chosen numbers.

Luggage size

It is mainly the length of stay and the type of transport that define the size of the bag. The size of a suitcase is a very important criterion if you are traveling in a low-cost flight because airlines such as Ryanair are more demanding. Ryanair for its luggage cabin imposes a limit of 10kg and maximum dimensions: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Easyjet, it is ironed to its dimensions 56x45x25 cm. Keep in mind that for hand luggage there are rules for liquid products , and hazardous materials or articles prohibited edge. Consider comparing the volume of suitcases.