Wifi in the plane

Finding a wi-fi is not a problem, it is everywhere, from cafes to bus stops. Airlines also decided to keep up with the progress and some already provide this service on board. Below is a list of the most popular airlines with information on the Internet on board and the cost of this service:

Air France and KLM

Price: only 2 fare: 10.95 € - per hour, or € 19.95 - for the entire flight. You can pay by credit card on the board.

American Airlines

We shared the cost of the service for domestic and international flights.
The price for domestic flights: All day pass: $ 16 + tax, American Airlines Plan: 49.95 $ + taxes . The latter option is suitable only frequent-flyer.

The price for international flights (only on board the Boeing 777-300ER, the 787 Dreamliner and the Boeing 777-200): 2 hours - $12, 4 hours - $17, and the entire flight - $19.


Price:  the HotSpot Pass Sky 1 hour: 9 €, or 3,000 miles; 4 hours: 14 € or 4,500 miles; 24 hours: 17 € or 5,500 miles. Still, the loyalty card is not hurt. Gather at the ticket miles are not always an easy task, but on the Internet faster.


The service will be available in 2017, but, according to preliminary data, it can be free to check the mail.