When should you book your air ticket?

Skyscanner has conducted an interesting study, analyzing millions of flights purchased over the last three years to highlight trends. 

The objective is to determine the optimum period for obtaining the cheapest airfares.

To get the best price UK travelers have to book their tickets on average 22 weeks before their departure for a longhaul flight, about 4 months and a half in advance to benefit from a reduction of up to 16% on The average price of a flight.

For a shorthaul flight, 2 weeks before departure is the most interesting time to book your plane ticket.

For a low cost you have to go 5 weeks in advance. But beware, for some popular destinations like Paris, ​​book at least 14 weeks in advance.

Finally, it is not surprising that flights are cheaper at the end of January and prices soar in the first week of August.

Skyscanner has created an interactive computer graphics suite that combines the results of this research, allowing travelers to save time and money.