What about backpacks?

Before flying, your job is to know the maximum sizes of the bags, putting restrictions on weight restrictions on weight are in place. But I like the backpacks, not the reels.

As a reminder, rollers are heavier, which means you are at an immediate disadvantage when you carry the airline strict weight restrictions for hand luggage . The rollers appear larger and heavier, which means you are most likely to be asked to check its weight and dimensions.

Be careful with the maximum number of items you can take on a flight in most airlines, so you should have no problem with the maximum number of items you can take on a flight, you are usually allowed a large piece of hand luggage, and a smaller bag such as a bag or a laptop bag. It seems fair and reasonable: a point to go to the upper compartment, and a smaller bag . This can be placed under the seat in front of you. If you're a bit nasty, buy something small and inexpensive duty free and ask for a large package at checkout. Then put your bags in duty free bags before you get to the door. You may have a jacket or coat with super-wide pockets, and so on your property in them.