The most common stains tourists

As is known, cheat tourists - a favorite pastime of all scams, and it does not matter where you come, whether in Asia or wayward in a strict, brought up the old lady of Europe. 

In order to avoid financial losses and broken mood, we have collected for you the most common tricks and schemes of thieves and crooks who should be afraid. Booked - is forearmed, as they say.


Scam in Italy , as the pigeons in Piazza San Marco in Venice - do not count. And schemes have even more, here are some of the most common, which should be avoided:

False child - it looks quite harmless, and touching: a passing lady with a tightly wrapped in a blanket baby accidentally drops it. Of course, only an indifferent and callous not hasten to help the woman. While the victim leans in to take the baby, fraudsters quickly rummage in her pocket, bag and quickly escape, leaving the baby alone with the doll.

The Letter - poorly dressed, unkempt skinny child almost in tears hands you a pen and a sheet and asked to write a letter home. The child tells all the hard tests, with whom he encounters on a daily basis, and the text becomes so tear that willy-nilly, but writing will be moved. And then the "innocent child" will start begging for money from you, but it is quite an adult, professionally.


India from Italy are not far behind and even it is trying to surpass the number of, and most importantly - the quality of the work of their scams. One of the most popular places to sell a taxi (unofficial taxi).

The first deception of taxi - pretend Dunno: the driver can about half an hour specifically to transport you around the city, pretending that he does not know where your hotel is, because it is often itself a tourist, especially for the first time visiting the country, has no idea where he needs go.

Of course you can show him the map, but in response to the broken English you hear that such a street and does not exist. And the money for the road, meanwhile, continue to drip.

And then in the course is a trick number 2 "no availability" - sympathy, dear taxi driver will ask you to go to the official visitor center, where you will look for hotels in your price range.

How to look, pretend to look for, in fact, just chatting on the phone, and suddenly it turns out that all of the numbers that were you can afford, busy. And offer another hotel, often at his friends, allegedly higher level, but this is not true.

India is famous for its trade in precious stones, but the sale of counterfeits is even more famous. Very likely can be your meeting with traders who supposedly needed to carry across the border scattering of stones, explaining that a limit of traffic he was exhausted.

I assure you that at home you definitely will buy the goods, as soon as you land, even at a lower price, and here for the authenticity you have to still pay for it. Perhaps to explain that at home you will not meet, and stones are not more than the cost of glass, it is not necessary.

Concludes sit only official taxis and buy gems only in licensed stores.

Official Carrier is easy to determine: the car yellow or red, and the driver, you can always ask license. But best of all, take care of it in advance and make a transfer.

The original store with jewels, we hope you will be able to distinguish from a suspicious shop.


Taking a walk through the streets of Paris , you can create an entire encyclopedia of deceptive tricks which year an increasing number of visitors is conducted annually.

A rose for your lady - a popular worldwide system, which allows a man to have a sign of attention to her companion, rather expensive sign. Ladies in medieval costumes will offer you buy a rose or bouquet by initially overpriced, and in case of failure sweet lady starts you so dishonor not only to your women, but also to the whole area, so you'll want to buy a flower, only now it will cost many times more.

Friendship bracelets: there may be several stories, but it starts the same way. Widely smiling stranger comes to you for a meeting with spools of thread or rope and a pair of scissors in his hand, offering a friendly, innocent gesture - to exchange friendship bracelets, but then the situation develop differently. While you are distracted by tying one bracelet, the other in this time very discreetly from your bag or pocket pulls out everything of value. But there are also situations worse - your new friend is so strong and painful squeeze your wrist or fingers, that so he'll let go, you have to "fulfill his desires" - often walk to the ATM, where until devastate his card, you will not let go.

The Lost Ring - if you think you have accidentally found in Paris jewelry, it is not - does not find you, and you. As soon as you pick up the jewelry finding, you immediately come running charlatans with a proposal to sell it, claiming that it's incredibly expensive thing you wore almost the Korol Lyudovik XVI, and indeed, it brings happiness. In general, the situation is the same as with the stones in India.
Concludes, are not looking for new friends do not touch other people's jewelry and the lady better buy flowers at a flower shop in advance - and enjoy it, and you will not get robbed.


Bali - a place where not only steal people, and even animals. So, going to the island's most popular temple of Uluwatu - keep an eye on your belongings, because the monkeys kept there not only to ensure that they play with you, but also that they have cleverly robbed. As soon as something you have lost, "polite and sympathetic" Local soon will come to your aid and take away your wallet monkeys. However, not free - for $ 5-15.

Concludes, things keep firmly beside him, the best camera in the neck tie in half, to just as it is not pulled, and sunglasses hide in the bag.


Spaniards, like the French, are also not against you "make friends." For example, it goes to the newcomer kind, nice old lady and simply holds a sprig of rosemary , which has long been considered a symbol of friendship. Then she very firmly grabs the victim by the hand and offers to tell fortunes. Here it does not matter if you agree or not on numerology and destiny you already predicted, and immediately a nice lady starts to demand money from you for services, quite a lot of money. If we take a chance and do not repay, the lord loudly and very clearly begins to curse you and your family.

And in Spain, like "change the planet for the better" , and begin to do it with the tourists who do not know Spanish. For example, visitors to the run up young volunteers with glowing eyes and a thirst for justice in your heart and offer to sign a petition, well, for example, the landing of 2,000 trees. 2498 people have already signed up and there are only 2 signatures, how can we not help the young, but also the planet ? And then it turns out that you signed a receipt that should the young person 500 pounds,.

Concludes with fortune tellers are not friends, and documents in a foreign language, do not sign.


In Egypt also advise you not to relax, and even enjoying the long-awaited vacation, do not let my guard down and lose - naivety.

The most popular souvenirs brought back from Egypt, papyrus is considered. Do not believe the taxi drivers or waiters or other "helpers" that will tell you where they sell "the best papyrus at very competitive price."

Most likely, there is a fake, and if you do not know how to check the real papyrus or not - in the first place, it should have a license , and secondly, well, can not papyrus cost $ 15 -20.

Another characteristic souvenir of the pyramids of the country is, of course, photos riding a camel. Find the camel with the owner for a photo - not a problem, they are waiting for you at the main attractions.

Once you pay off for the photo services, you just seated on a camel, which after a long taming very calm allows you to climb on.

Then lifts the animal, you take pictures, and it is logical that the animal then "returns to its original position." But no, you are still left on a camel until squirt require from you additional money, otherwise you will not peel off from the animal.

Draw conclusions: camel riding - accord with the travel agency or agree on a walk at the reception, papyrus looking in official stores.

If our list you can not find the country you want, it does not mean that there you do not try to cheat and steal. We picked for you generic, so-called "international" tourist fraud schemes that are active around the world.

Fake ticket - when you're standing in a long queue at the box office for tickets to a popular show or festival, you can approach the man and to offer the same tickets with a small, symbolic additional payment, but you will not have to stand for hours in the queue. Be careful, often these tickets are counterfeit.

Spot on clothes,  One of the scams very quietly shed your jacket on a liquid (either the sauce of some kind, whether a parody of bird droppings), and then the other "well-wishers" will offer you help him clean up. As long as you transfer them to your things out of the pockets you too all cleaned.

Check number, two workers in uniform at a knock on your door to "an ordinary inspection of premises", and yet one with you chattering, diverting attention, second, supposedly making the check, stealing that which lies in a prominent place.

Free Massage, the sun warm, the sea is warm, seagulls fly ... relax on the beach - is simple enough. And then there was a kind man offers massage, and even free, though, and for about 10 minutes, but why not ? And you do not notice as 10 minutes pass in half an hour, and a free massage - in charge, even expensive.

The fake policeman, it all starts with the fact that you fit a man in uniform, posing as a police officer, and begins to talk about the fact that in the city there are many counterfeiters, and want to check your wallet for the presence of genuine banknotes. After verification of the police will not have it that the counterfeit banknotes, but in general any notes. Also, the officer may ask to check your documents , and it turns out that you have a problem, but for a fee, he will quickly solve them.

Polite photographer, a nice stranger will ask you to do a group photo with friends on your camera. In the best case - then he will ask money for it, at worst, "labor" in the form of your own photographic equipment will carry.

Love at first sight - the girls life is not easy, but because they do not mind, that a single man-tourist offered them dinner and delicious drinks. So, they get acquainted with the victims in parks, squares and just give birth to a conversation, rubbing in trust. Then offer to go to the bar , and before you bring nesusvetny account, she happily and suddenly disappears.

Another fake police or " drug dealer " - you are driving now in the evening to a club or simply relax in the night city and jovial taxi driver may offer you a light (something where legal) drugs, which will make your evening more brightly. Once the magic drugs fall into your hands, once there is a fake police officer who did not send you to jail for a particular bag.