The 6 cheap countries in the world to go on vacation

Do you want to go on holiday at the best value? There are many countries where it is possible to live like a king with 30 pounds per day ... Once you are there, you can enjoy yourself without ruining yourself.

1. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, seaside resorts along the Black Sea have suffered a tourist boom in recent years as Bulgaria is a cheap country, far less than traditional summer destinations such as southern Spain. If you prefer the atmosphere of the big cities to the beaches, go to Sofia , the capital of the country. A budget of 30 pounds per day per person is enough to discover the local culinary specialties and taste the "robust" local drinks, sleep in a comfortable bed and make new friends. Located 20 minutes by metro from the airport (35 to 40 minutes by bus), the old center of Sofia will allow you to satisfy your thirst for culture, The second oldest city in Europe is filled with museums and galleries such as the Museum of Socialist Art and the National Museum of Literature. Enjoy the summer sun and visit the beach "Lulin Beach". The resort has three outdoor pools, a sandy beach, a football pitch and even a "canteen" where you can buy pizza.

Although Sofia is becoming an increasingly tourist destination, there are still many places outside the city forgotten tourists. The more you go east the lower the cost of living. Want to go by the sea in the sun without lightening your portfolio beyond measure? Although the port of Burgas can not be described as "pretty", the neighboring town of Nessebar, located just over an hour south of Varna - is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the perfect place to go to start your cheap trip to the shores of the Black Sea, Although most of the ancient city of Nessebar has collapsed in the Black Sea, the city is full of cobblestone streets where you can stroll and look for old churches to admire.

2. Hungary

Located on the Danube River, Budapest - the historical Hungarian capital is one of the most beautiful European capitals. Although the cost of living has increased in recent years, Budapest is served by many low cost airlines , allowing you to keep budget to make you happy once arrived at destination. Treat yourself to delicious cakes, taste the local waters and take time to relax in the many spas of the city. During your stay in Hungary, stop at Gerbeaud's for delicious pastries, Or visit a traditional kávéház and taste kürtőskalács ,a traditional Hungarian pastry in the shape of a chimney. Budapest is a relatively cheap city. It is possible to eat for 3 pounds the meal, to find train tickets from 1.50 pounds and beds in hostel dormitory for ten euros. If you want to go green, go to Lake Balaton. Located in Transdanubia in the west of the country, it is the largest lake in Central Europe. In summer it is a popular destination for families who want to escape the heat of the city, as this lake is located just one and a half hours from Budapest by train and is also a holiday destination Dear. The two main resorts are Balatonfüred and Siófok.

3. Greece

Due to the economic situation of the country, the cost of living in Greece has declined in recent years . While vacationing in Santorini or Mykonos is relatively expensive, there are many quieter and lesser-known islands such as Paros or Skiathos where you can sunbathe in the sun and drink Mythos glacés for 2- 3 pounds per pint, ideal for a cheap stay.

If you like to party by the pools and enjoy the cheap shots, then go to Ios, an island famous for its rave parties very popular with young backpackers. You do not have time to jump from islands to islands? Just a day trip to Hydra. Situated in the middle of the Sardonian Gulf, an hour and a half away from Athens Catamaran, this island is home to some of the best restaurants in the Aegean Souvlaki . The Pirofani restaurant serves this delicious meal for 20 years as well as many other dishes that will satisfy the most gourmets of you. There is not enough meat to satisfy your instinct as a caveman? Sail towards Kefalonia to eat a piece of traditional tart filled with oozing meat and sauce coated in a phyllo paste. Numerous ferries run between the different islands. If you are departing from Athens, you only have to go to the port of Piraeus to consult the schedules and rates of the sea links. High speed ferries provide access to the majority of the Aegean islands in four or five hours, compared with 6 to 8 hours in a traditional ferry, this will be perfect for reaching your cheap holiday destination.

4. India

Shopping in luxury stores in Mumbai or staying in an international hotel in Delhi will cost you as much as if you were in Dubai, but outside these enclaves, the cost of living is extremely low in India. Even if you only travel first class on trains and you take The taxi will turn around, the money will leave very slowly, India is therefore a suitable place for a cheap stay. A budget of 1500 rupees (20 pounds) per day is enough to live like a maharadja. India is the seventh largest country in the world. Unless you plan to stay 3 months in India,

If you are looking for a change of scenery, head to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan (a state in the west of the country). Nicknamed the "pink city", you can visit the magnificent Hawa Mahal . If you need some relaxation, head to Kerala, a state located in southern India with many white sandy beaches. Finally, do not miss Taj Mahal. Located in Agra, in northern India, this palace was built by a Mughal Emperor as a gift to one of his wives of whom he was madly in love. Remember do not come on Friday, it is the closing day of the Taj Mahal. In Delhi you will find many stalls selling delicious street food in the narrow lanes or boulevards around Connaught Square in the city center. Choose the place where you will eat with care. If the vendor's stall is clean and filled with customers, it's a good sign: when there is flow, the food is usually fresh. But if you have a fragile stomach, do not forget to take a box of Immodium with you.

5. Vietnam

Although Vietnam has gained popularity in recent years, this magnificent cheap country is still preserved from the throes of mass tourism. 20-25 pounds per day is enough to afford a bed in a guest house, eat local food, pay transport and a few drinks - a pint of Bia Hoi, Vietnam's most popular beer, costs 10 000 dongs, or about 40 euro cents! Hanoi, the former headquarters of French Indochina and later the administrative center of communist North Vietnam, became the official capital of Vietnam in 1976 when the country was reunited. The city still retains a French atmosphere: You can find pastries that produce croissants as delicious as those found in France and find a few meters away a pho seller , the Vietnamese national dish ,noodle soup of rice, herbs and beef . Old Hanoi - built around Hoan Kiem Lake - is the best place to go to admire the postcolonial charm of the city. It is also one of the few oases in this chaotic city, where the locals go every morning at sunrise to practice tai chi. An unmissable place on your cheap trip to Vietnam. Old Hanoi - built around Hoan Kiem Lake - is the best place to go to admire the postcolonial charm of the city. It is also one of the few oases in this chaotic city where the locals go every morning at sunrise to practice tai chi. An unmissable place on your cheap trip to Vietnam. Old Hanoi - built around Hoan Kiem Lake - is the best place to go to admire the postcolonial charm of the city. It is also one of the few oases in this chaotic city where the locals go every morning at sunrise to practice tai chi. An unmissable place on your cheap trip to Vietnam.

To admire the Vietnamese rural life, go to Dalat, a climatic station located on the high plateaux built by the French at the beginning of the 20th century to escape the high heat of the plains. Although the city is invaded by tourists (it is the main starting point for motorcycle tours organized by Easy Rider ), but the fields of flowers, tofu factories, cashew nut plantations are worth a visit. Once you have finished your tour, continue your journey south towards Ho Chi Minh City, the economic capital and the largest city in the country .

6. Sri Lanka

As the tourist brochure says, Sri Lanka is home to many sandy beaches, mountains wrapped in clouds, waterfalls, tea plantations and palm trees that seem to float in the breeze. in Paradise . In Sri Lanka you can taste delicious fish curry, jungle trekking or relaxing in hotels on the beach for a morsel of bread - in this country, 30-35 pounds per day is enough to live Like a king, here is still a beautiful holiday destination cheap. Although modern tourism began to develop on this idyllic island since the 1960s, Sri Lanka has remained somewhat isolated from the great tourist trails of Southeast Asia, which means that it is still Possible to spend holidays not expensive But luxury. Stay at Cinnamon Lodge , a 5-star hotel located in Habarana, the epicenter of the cultural triangle of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy, three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From your suite you will have a breathtaking view of tropical Habarana Lake, you can swim in a beautiful pool, have access to a private Jacuzzi and you can also call a butler to have a champagne flute for you. Only 70 euros per night. If you can get away from your luxurious air-conditioned room, you can explore temples, monasteries and stupas dotted throughout the Sri Lankan countryside, Which will allow you to learn more about Buddhist culture - 65% of Sri Lankans are Buddhists. If you are visiting only two temples, be sure to visit the Sri Maha Bodhiya temple in Anuradhapura and Sri Dhalada Maligawa  in Kandy, which is undoubtedly one of the most sacred places the island. For your information, the entry price of the tourist sites is generally higher for foreign tourists than for the locals, although some tuk-tuk drivers may offer you to sneak for free!