usb data recovery

This mode of recovery is perfect for users with little computer knowledge With the mode of recovery of lost files one can find in a few seconds the deleted files by simply giving the names of the latter as well as their path.

Partition recovery mode is more efficient if you want to recover all lost data Finally the raw recovery is to make a deep scan of the hard drive and restore all the data found there.

fans have probably not forgotten the first episode of the series the hard drive of his computer thinking to make disappear all traces of his escape plan. 

A few episodes later, they inevitably remember the moment when the special agent Alexander Mahone picks up the famous hard drive from the bottom of the river and analyzes it for several days in order to retrieve all the information that was there ... Science-fiction

Not so sure in computer science, nothing is lost, everything is recovered. Because the deleted data never completely disappear from the hard disk Remember, in the recent news, the computer of General Rondot and his secret notes found not the judges in charge of the Clearstream case on its hard drive yet formatted.