Passport: all you need to know

8 things to know about the passport!

1 Passport for Travelers

For those who travel a lot, here is an interesting novelty,  it is possible to apply for a passenger passport.

Advantage of the latter 48 pages instead of 32 pages , which is not negligible. For my next request I will definitely opt for this one.

The application procedure is the same as for the normal passport. Only difference: a letter on free paper explaining the reasons for this request. It will then be up to the prefectural authority to grant it to you or not.

2 Can we have two passports?

Yes, in specific cases only:

A. Incompatible Destinations. Some countries refuse to enter their territory if the passport contains the visa of an enemy state. If you have a passport from Israel, some Arab countries may deny you entry.

B. Upon a visa application, your passport may be locked in for a while while you are on a business trip.

The approach is the same as for a conventional request. You will have to add in addition the justifications proving that you are in one of the two cases above.

3 Visas and passport

If you think you're going to travel a lot and you have little room left, try to make sure that the stamp placed by the customs officer will not be in the middle of a blank page. It is loss of space for nothing. Generally, they pay attention.

For the case of Israel and other countries, ask the customs officer nicely if he can put the stamp of the visa on a separate sheet. 

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you enter the territory . Check, some have already been refused to fly for this reason.

In some countries, upon your arrival, you are given a form that you must keep to leave the territory. Be careful not to lose it and not throw it inadvertently.

4 Securing your passport

The passport is highly prized by thieves in some countries.

Hide your passport in your bag at the hotel. Or better put it with your valuables in a locked box or box.Walk the rest of the time with a photocopy of your passport . Send a copy of it to your mail or an online space.If you have an identity card , take it also while traveling. You can leave it as a guarantee to rent a motorcycle . Less stressful than leaving your passport.Never give your passport the slightest request to the first comer. Even though this one is an official and a policeman.Always keep your passport near you , in your backpack. In transportation, for example. Never in the big bag.

5 Renewing a passport for free

The renewal of a passport is free of charge in the following cases:

Your passport is full
You have changed your name or first name
You have changed your address
You have a Delphine passport with optical reading and you want to go to the United States without a visa.

6 Stolen or lost passport

You must file a loss report with the city council at the same time as the application for a new passport.In the case of a theft, you must make a flight declaration at a police station. Abroad, see below!

7 Protect your passport

If you travel often, your passport may be damaged somewhat with the road and weather. My last passport is 6 years old, and yet it does not look very good. The cover text is virtually erased. The customs officers sometimes make a bizarre head when they have it in hand. Also, I find that a passport protector can be a good idea.

8 Passport for children

A minor must come and make the request accompanied by one of his parents . The latter must bring a piece of identification.