recovery your disk

Software is provided to recover this valuable information whether on a PC, a tablet, a memory card or a USB key.

In case of formatting they must be used quickly because the data is completely lost as soon as the next write. The software will analyze the media on which the data was lost and allow to save it on another medium. It is not possible to recover them on the same support. It is necessary to connect an external hard disk, a USB key or a memory card.

USB storage media with flash memory

a fully secure USB key with anti-virus, password protection, encryption of data stored on the disk and remote erase and lock functions.

Optical storage medium

On the side of the life of CDs and DVDs, you have what you pay for. Cheap disks can last up to a year, while premium brand more than 300 years of archival solutions.

Even if you opt for a compromise between these two solutions, resist the desire to put your optical disc in a pocket and orient yourself towards a case.