computer data recovery

At a time when everything is computerized, the loss of data is a situation that we meet most often can be the result of the system crash, hard drive crash, virus or accidental deletion of an entire folder.

Fortunately, in computer science everything is recoverable. The erased data does not disappear completely.

In addition, the recovery of deleted files can be performed on all types of media such as hard drives, but also flash memories such as USB keys, memory cards and SSDs.

Consider a situation where you have connected the USB device to your desktop computer to copy some files to it After moving your files, you removed a USB device without using the Safely Remove Hardware option icon in the right corner of the window. 

After returning home, you have connected a USB flash device to your computer to copy these files But USB flash device refused to show the files present in it and displayed an error message that denied access.

You were very tense at this point when you only used the Cut option when transferring files and you also lost the ones that were already on your USB drive before

Laptop have one or more slots, often just open a small flap to access the drive slot. replace the original hard disk if it has failed or if its capacity has become insufficient.

This operation requires, of course, a system restore: get the restoration CD provided by the manufacturer and remember to make a backup of your personal files.

These storage units are also found in external hard drives that are easily transportable due to their small volume and that they are self-powered by the USB connector.