How to Find Cheap Flights

The best flight deals are often available on the airlines' own websites, and many come in the form of coupon codes and special offers. Subscribe to the airline newsletter gives you access to these deals, sometimes as big as 65% off published rates.

Some of the best flight deals I have ever seen are always available during the month of January and February. Round-trip flights from the United States to Europe or Africa for less than $ 380, You do not need to travel during these months, simply means that you need to book your tickets then. 

Airlines seem to like offering cheap flights in January. Probably because people are money after the holidays and they are trying to stimulate demand. Keep this in mind when planning your trips next year, and set aside some money to book your summer vacation flights in January.

A sneaky way companies are trying to make the most profit is by charging different rates for people in different countries. For example, domestic flights booking from outside the country will often be more expensive than booking within the country. Prices may change depending on where the transaction is completed, or point of sale.

However, you can beat them to their game by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to hide your site or pretend to be another place.