How to find cheap air tickets?

The study proved that Friday is the most unfavorable day for the purchase of airline tickets. Firstly by the end of the week end offers less economy classes, secondly many secretaries usually on Friday book the tickets for business travel of its executives on the following week. Third many people are thinking about vacation just before the weekend.

But on Monday and Tuesday, on the contrary, the most favorable days to buy tickets. Lowest fares "thrown" by the airlines late on Monday, after summing up the sales in the last week and demand analysis. And all the unsold tickets are set at a discount.
Early booking is the best way to save on airfare. And if you have the opportunity to plan a trip in a few months - you can say jackpot.

When searching for tickets, try not to focus on certain days, if your trip is, of course, not confined to a particular event. After reviewing prices on nearby dates, you will likely find that there are options cheaper.

As the search for cheap flight tickets with floating dates? Services online booking of tickets have thought this moment. On our search engine for cheap airline tickets , for example, when selecting flight dates days are highlighted in different colors: green - cost-effective, orange - standard red - increased. This here is a visual aid for independent travelers. Other services also solve this problem through the search option +/- 3 days and prices calendars.

A significant difference in the prices of air tickets is seen between high and low seasons. This is particularly evident in relation to marine and exotic resorts. You want to save money? Fly when the main flow of tourists has subsided and the weather has not spoiled.

For example, few people know that at the end of October in Nice is still worth a good weather, it is possible to sunbathe and swim, and it is twice as nice when you do not share this joy with another hundred or so beachgoers.

There is little advice that is often given to travelers - to fly on weekdays. Like weekend tickets the most expensive. We can not clearly give such information because there are different cases. For example, the low cost airlines are to fly only on weekends. In general, the best time to study again with the help of a calendar prices.