How to book a hotel online?

How to do when booking hotels - The following tips will help you.

1. Looking at the Internet about hotel reviews. Suppose you find a village hotel, do you like your hotel room, suitable location and the price? do not take hasty decisions. In the network a lot of sites with reviews, do not be lazy and read them because it will help you avoid the frustration and hassle. In addition, if you are confused and can not choose a hotel among the hundreds of proposals, read forums where people are advised to place a well-tested and added to the real, rather than advertising photography.

2. When looking for the hotel you can opt for a large well-known hotel chain, it certainly protect you from dishonest businessmen, but it has its drawbacks. Many people going on a journey to explore the local life, culture and way of life features. The peculiar charm small comfortable accommodations, naturally, not be compared with standard numbers of large hotels. 

3. Carefully check the hotel's website and note if there TLS and SSL security certificates and documents of registration of the legal entity.  In addition many sites of hotels have links to their pages on social networks, do not be amiss to view.

4. If possible, contact the hotel by phone and specify the date of arrival, availability, cost of accommodation, if room conditions are identical to those described on the site. If the phone number is not available, you are responsible rude, unprofessional and so on, it is better to opt out of this hotel.

5. Searching hotels through search engine and aggregator site. These databases contain references to thousands of hotels and inns all over the world, and you can be sure that they really exist. Additional features of these sites: comparison of offers (you select the options you want, and the site shows the most favorable offers).In addition, the Global Services is a system of discounts for clients, so you can stay even cheaper than directly on the hotel website.

6. Do not count with hotels through your main bank card, Remember that giving card number to third parties, you do not know how they will use this information and whether it will be protected.  Better to use the "virtual card", or to have a separate card and fill it with the necessary sums for the trip.

7. If you are using the reservation application for tablet or smartphone make sure that you have installed their official versions. In addition, the gadgets need to constantly check for viruses, because in recent years the number of frauds through pirated software has been growing steadily.

8. Carefully check the email confirmation of hotel booking. Once you have chosen the best hotel and filled the reservation form on your e-mail within a few minutes comes a confirmation email. If not contact the hotel by email or by phone. Carefully read the letter and save it.