Recover files on hard disk

How to recover files on hard disk how to recover lost photos how to recover data?

Data collector on hard disk drives in raid0, raid1, hard disk file recovery and hard disk repairers are extremely complicated trades and are not within the reach of all.

First you need to locate the problem of data loss on your hard drive.

Formatting hard disk or virus data, erased, unintentional or malicious files or a short circuit on the controller board of the hard disk or pc or a controller board of the burned hard disk or various shocks of the internal hard disk, drop of the external hard disk or of the pc or  mechanical noise of the hard disk.

According to your first diagnosis and my advice, the recovery of data on hard disk, the recovery of files on hard disk can be executed either by you or your company if the problem of the hard disk is benign or by me if your problem is more serious.