Fly with transfer

Sometimes we have to choose flights with transfers. For those who fly in this way for the first time you may have many questions about such a trip. 

Connecting flights are selected most often by virtue of their budget on the principle of "better to sit a couple of hours at the airport than overpay for a direct flight." And if for experienced travelers, such flights are not uncommon, then flying with a connection for the first time the question immediately arises bunch. That's on them and we tried to answer. 

For example, you may have a single ticket , when the entire flight (including transplant) is served by one airline. It is the most convenient option, since the carrier is in this case "leads" passengers to their destination. And if, delayed flights, you will be required to put on another plane of the same company. If transplants exceeds 8 hours, some carriers provide passengers with a place in the hotel. Luggage also be registered and delivered to the final destination. In addition, to register with a ticket, it is not necessary.

Another option, the so-called " code-sharing " when you buy a single ticket at one of the carrier, but part of the way you fly the plane of the partner company. In this case, you will also be registered with the luggage to your destination, and you organize the transplant. The only difference is that, in the case of unforeseen situations (baggage damage, loss, etc.), all claims must be presented to the partner company. Remember with this type of trip the name of an additional carrier can not be specified on the ticket.

There is such a thing as an interline agreement, an agreement between the airlines in which one carrier admits the other tickets. That is, one company can sell you tickets for the other. The bottom line is that this method allows you to buy a single ticket at a better price than if you bought several individual. Often these flights are special tariffs.

The tickets of this type are always given all the carriers companies. Registered luggage you too will make before the end of the flight, but it should be asked separately. Sometimes you might get a ticket for the next leg of the journey for the transplant, it is also worth bearing in mind.

And several separate tickets. Many consider him the most uncomfortable, because in that case you will have to pick up and re-register the luggage at the transfer point, as well as re-register with the next leg of the route. In case of delay in the flight, most likely, you will need to buy a new ticket. And the price of the combined trip is often higher than in other cases. So if you still decide to fly in this way, make sure that the time on the transplant you were with the stock (it makes sense to play it safe and take off from the interchange point for the next day).

If you are flying with a connection for the first time, the main rule - no excitement and bustle. Do not be nervous, your gate and the aircraft are not going anywhere and you will fly more quietly, do not even doubt it.

So you've arrived at the point of transfer. What's next? Firstly your tickets and documents must always be with you, at any time to verify the information in them, the departure flight time, gate, terminal, etc., with information board and airport without delay present before planting.

If you are flying on a single ticket, upon arrival at the airport follow the signs to transplant marked Transfer or Transit on them you can easily find the transit zone, where it will wait for the next flight. Immediately find your flight information on the display and check the departure time, gate number and other information, sometimes it can be changed. We also recommend that once found its gate, to know where to have to go to the landing and only then go for a walk through the airport.

However, all of the above only applies to those who have a destination not included in the Schengen zone. But if you're flying into one of the Schengen countries, you will need to go through passport control upon arrival. In this case, you must have all the necessary visas.

A similar procedure would have to go and those who fly with two separate tickets, since in this case you do not fall into the category of transit passengers. Upon arrival, you will need to pick up your luggage, proceed to the checkin counters  and re-create, repassing the luggage.

There is another life hacking, about which few people know. Some of the major airports in Europe provide free access to the business lounge for owners of premium cards World Elite MasterCard. In particular, such services are rendered in the airport Franz Liszt , the airport Henri Coanda , as well as at the airport Schwechat  Airport named Vatslava Gavela  and Sheremetyevo International Airport . To get into the business hall, you need to notify staff about the presence you have such a card and show it. In return, you get WiFi, food and beverages, newspapers and magazines, a TV and even a shower! And all this are free.

Alternatively, if you have a transit visa of the country you can get out of the airport and a quick look around the city. In this case it is necessary in advance  to make forays plan with a list of places you want to see, and calculate how much time you need to get from the airport to town and back, plus the time to stay in the city, and throw with for loyalty for another half hour.