computer data

Hard disk surface that happens when a file is destroyed In fact, when you think of deleting a file after emptying the recycle bin or performing a "fast" formatting of your hard disk, the computer simply writes to the file allocation table that the clusters previously reserved by this file are now available

touching the physical data itself. It is as if you are erasing a chapter from the contents of a book without erasing the chapter itself. Erased data no longer appears in the disk index, but can be easily recovered with specialized software, some of which is available for free on the internet Restoration.

PC Inspector File Recovery This is called logical deletion in opposition to the physical deletion of data. On the orders of the police or the courts, specialized laboratories like Kroll Ontrack use this technique, for example to make speak the hard disk of a pedophile, find the letters erased from a raven or to check the alibi of a suspect.