A recover data from damaged or formatted SD card

Like any other storage device an SD card presents the risk of file loss or data inaccessibility problems after accidental deletion of files, But your data may also be unavailable if your SD card has been damaged.

Be aware that formatting and unintended deletions are some of the most common causes. 

But rest assured, in most cases your files are still available in the map.

Aggressively manipulating the SD card could damage it and corrupt your files and or make them inaccessible. For example the Windows operating system has an option to safely disconnect SD cards and other devices. Do not hesitate to use it systematically to preserve your data and your support.

Shocks, falls and other damage to the SD card also sometimes explain why you can not access your data. Imagine that you forgot yours in the pocket of your pants that went to the washing machine. 

There is a big risk of data loss If you inadvertently break your SD card for example by dropping it on the floor.

 the files may also be inaccessible but are not, until then, permanently lost. First try to restore files via damaged SD card data recovery software.