Regarding clothes or items presonales surely have no problem, however, preparing the bag is usually the most headaches given to travelers, especially if you are willing to make a long trip and carry only the small suitcase of hand to Save costs.

The general conditions of the liquids in the hand bag have already been discussed in detail on another occasion, but what if you need to bring with your makeup? Can I bring makeup in my handbag?

You probably prefer to take the makeup from home because you need a particular brand or product and you do not know if you will find it wherever you travel. That's why in this article we give you some guidelines on how to wear makeup or cosmetics in hand luggage and avoid staying without them when passing airport security controls.

The makeup or cosmetic itself is fully allowed, both in the cockpit of the plane and in the suitcase that bills. The problem comes when these products are liquids, for example a foundation of makeup, mascara, nail polish remover, makeup remover, dipliner, conditioner, creams and nail polish.

This should be kept in mind if you have booked a low cost flight and only includes a small hand bag.To carry your makeup in Ryanair hand luggage , Vueling, Easy Jet ... The regulations of the liquids on the plane says that they can be carried in the suitcase whenever they go in containers of maximum 100ml and put in a bag Transparent with autoclerre of maximum 20 cm x 20 cm. If you transport them well there should be no setback.

This regulation not only affects the liquid makeup, but also all the liquids in general that you can carry in your suitcase, such as deodorant, gel, shampoo, lacquer, toothpaste, shaving foam, lotions, perfumes, Remember that this transparent bag With all your liquids you must present it separately in the security arches.

Even so, it is very important that you inform yourself of the special baggage requirements according to the airline with which you fly, since each one can establish its own regulations. For example, the airline Turkish Airlines rests in hand luggage practically all the cosmetics that are usually transported in a travel bag.

It is also essential that you check if the makeup is allowed in the hand luggage or there is some type of restriction in the country of destination and the dates of your trip. For example, if recent events have occurred that require more security in the destination you are traveling to, they will probably be stricter on their borders with each suitcase that intends to enter the country.

In addition to all this, it is advisable to check the type of container in which our products go. For example, glass containers are allowed, but we advise you to avoid them as much as possible, because with the hustle and bustle of the whole trip, they can break.

Finally, you should pay special attention to the containers that have the indication of flammable, because these if you can be requisitioned for being considered as dangerous.