In this article we are going to make a list of essential applications to make an airplane trip and to have all the information of your flight and your luggage .


The Flight + app is only available for iPhone and iPad, and offers a very comprehensive and detailed information on flights and airports. It is perfect for travelers who need to have everything under control.

This app offers:

Detailed and real-time information of each flight: boarding gate, aircraft information, seating map.

Alerts: flight cancellations, change of boarding doors, terminal changes, delays, schedules of arrival and departure reminders .
Detailed information about each airport: terminal maps, weather forecast, arrivals and departures from each airport, Option to share information: you can share flight information by email and social networks or message.


This app to travel by plane is owned by TripAdvisor and its purpose is to provide the traveler with very specific information about the seats of your flight.

By entering flight data you can check which airplane seats are next to the bathroom, to the wings, in which there is plug, in which the engine is heard more

If you are interested in knowing also which are the cheapest seats of an airplane you can see our post to know which seats of airplane to choose .


Find my bags is an app to find your lost bag. Although more and more we try to travel alone with hand luggage , there are occasions when it is irremediable to have to check luggage.

It does not usually happen, but if you are unlucky enough that your suitcase is lost, this app can be of great help.Simply enter your last name and the code of the report of your lost suitcase and it will indicate the state of search of your lost luggage.