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Crashed DC-3








Wifi in the plane

Finding a wi-fi is not a problem, it is everywhere, from cafes to bus stops. Airlines also decided to keep up with the progress and some already provide this service on board. Below is a list of the most popular airlines with information on the Internet on board and the cost of this service:

Air France and KLM

Price: only 2 fare: 10.95 € - per hour, or € 19.95 - for the entire flight. You can pay by credit card on the board.

Some tips about choosing seat

Every day, hundreds of laptops are broken due to the fact that the passenger of the front seat tilts sharply, which breaks the computer on her lap seated from behind.

What about backpacks?

Before flying, your job is to know the maximum sizes of the bags, putting restrictions on weight restrictions on weight are in place. But I like the backpacks, not the reels.

As a reminder, rollers are heavier, which means you are at an immediate disadvantage when you carry the airline strict weight restrictions for hand luggage . The rollers appear larger and heavier, which means you are most likely to be asked to check its weight and dimensions.

A recover data from damaged or formatted SD card

Like any other storage device an SD card presents the risk of file loss or data inaccessibility problems after accidental deletion of files, But your data may also be unavailable if your SD card has been damaged.

Be aware that formatting and unintended deletions are some of the most common causes. 

But rest assured, in most cases your files are still available in the map.

Aggressively manipulating the SD card could damage it and corrupt your files and or make them inaccessible. For example the Windows operating system has an option to safely disconnect SD cards and other devices. Do not hesitate to use it systematically to preserve your data and your support.

Shocks, falls and other damage to the SD card also sometimes explain why you can not access your data. Imagine that you forgot yours in the pocket of your pants that went to the washing machine. 

There is a big risk of data loss If you inadvertently break your SD card for example by dropping it on the floor.

 the files may also be inaccessible but are not, until then, permanently lost. First try to restore files via damaged SD card data recovery software.

recover discs data

all the files that are deleted are stored in the trash It is therefore easy to recover them and reinstall them on a directory of the hard disk, or even on an external support.

whether it is a USB key, another hard disk or a DVD if it is videos or of photos. When the trash has been emptied or the hard disk formatted the operation becomes complicated but remains feasible the data is not totally erased, but invisible.

Analysis of disk data to find information about the existing and previous file system Files are recovered based on this information If successful, this means you can recover not only the files themselves but the folder structure on the disks including timestamps.

safe data

The slightest dust can be fatal If the operation is successful, it will be possible to transfer data to another medium.

Hard to beat the effectiveness of this little support. With a convenient size and a fast write speed, the USB key is perfect for the role it has been given transferring data between different devices. 

disk questions recovery

The use of a good data recovery software is sufficient but there are dozens If your result is not 100% satisfactory will succeed where you failed by finding the right combination of Software Formatting.

Type of failure, In case of error, especially do not run its hard drive the risk of blocking it permanently. Data recovery software

The hard drive rotates properly it may not be recognized with good values by the system, with some abnormal noises see excessive vibrations. 

Hard disk playback can be slowed down considerably with voltage drops. Often blocked in SMART error, the hard disk may not turn at all due to a damaged PCB.

To avoid heavy processing in a clean room with parts replaced inside the hard drive, Chronodisk will try to work around the failure slow down the hard drive and then isolate areas where there are too many bad sectors.

The operation can sometimes be longer but less expensive.

Recover data from hard disk

The first is to stop using the card.

Indeed when a photo is erased it is not completely and it is only when the memory will be reused that the photo will be totally destroyed.

It is therefore important to stop using the card. Take it out of the device and use another one while waiting for a recovery of the erased photos.

Once near a computer try accessing the card directly to see if the erased pictures are not accessible in one way or another Most of the time this will not be the case At this point there is only one solution the use of specialized software in the recovery of erased photos, all deleted photos become accessible if you have taken the precaution not to use the memory card after your clumsiness.

If you have used it you will be able to recover some of the photos.

recovery deleted data

The hard drive rotates, without abnormal noise, the partition is either corrupted, inaccessible, or has disappeared. Your files have been deleted or the hard drive has been formatted by mistake. The hard disk remains recognized in the Disk Manager.

recovery cd data

CDs and DVDs that can be rewritten are based on a reversible optical phase change technology They use a material that becomes transparent or opaque depending on the heating temperature caused by the laser pulse. 

CDs and rewritable DVDs also have a table of contents, comparable to a file allocation table, which allows you to recover deleted files. 

On the other hand, it is impossible to recover lost data on a conventional for the simple reason the technology used based on hollows and bumps literally carved on the surface of the disc does not allow to erase the files.

computer data

Hard disk surface that happens when a file is destroyed In fact, when you think of deleting a file after emptying the recycle bin or performing a "fast" formatting of your hard disk, the computer simply writes to the file allocation table that the clusters previously reserved by this file are now available

touching the physical data itself. It is as if you are erasing a chapter from the contents of a book without erasing the chapter itself. Erased data no longer appears in the disk index, but can be easily recovered with specialized software, some of which is available for free on the internet Restoration.

PC Inspector File Recovery This is called logical deletion in opposition to the physical deletion of data. On the orders of the police or the courts, specialized laboratories like Kroll Ontrack use this technique, for example to make speak the hard disk of a pedophile, find the letters erased from a raven or to check the alibi of a suspect. 

recovery computer

Also remember the scandal Yann Piat the name of the member of the Var murdered and the case of the hard drive erased the said to contain the names of the authors of the plot. even formatted broken or burned, a disc always keeps track of your files. 

USB key has a structure identical to that of a hard disk tray tracks, sectors, clusters, Provided they have not been rewritten or demagnetized they allow, as with a hard drive, to recover a deleted file.

USB flash drives use flash technology that works by storing electrons in a kind of grid To read the data coded in 1 and 0 simply measure the voltage. If the process is different from that of a hard disk a file can be recovered because the data listed in a file allocation table FAT are destroyed logically and not physically.

Hard disk data

Recovering data from a damaged drive is a serious business. you should be careful enough when attempting data recovery. It is necessary to identify the nature of the problem and find the effective way to recover lost data as quickly as possible.

deleted data back

File search uses the file signature which relates to the typical bit patterns for certain types of files, jpg or doc files. This means is used when the information on the file systems is so damaged that the first means cannot be used Only file contents can be recovered using this method, the filename information folder structures and timestamps are lost.

you saving files to a USB device is a quick and convenient way to store and share them from one device to another USB flash device is similar to hard drive except that it has no moving parts and so uses flash memory to store your data.

But it can be upsetting to lose files from it especially if you have saved the documents related to the job. Although you have lost access to the present files you can make it visible by retrieving them USB flash drive data.

Choose a cloud-based backup service that has a high level of encryption to protect your important files. The price of a hard drive depends greatly on its storage capacity. if you do not really need a lot of space models with a few hundred GB will be just as good.

Having several available is useful when you install many games, download a lot of files or store a lot of digital memories. In this case, also remember to save your files on a second disk to avoid losing everything.

The IDE drives are dying and have been replaced by Serial ATA, which are currently the most used. They benefit from a good price-performance ratio and tend to be replaced little by little bySerial ATA discs.

Physical Damage hard disk data

Here are some physical causes for file corruption:

Dust on the surface of a drive can interrupt the normal recognition.

even if the external drive was connected to computer correctly users still are not able to access it.

users should disconnect the drive and clean the surface with special cleaning tools.

After try connecting the drive to the computer again.

protect computer

Recovery of laboratory data recovery of data on a hard disk depends on the state of it. If the hard drive is still operational lost files can be recovered using software designed for this purpose.

If it is difficult to operate or sounds noises during startup, it is better to involve a specialist in the field. There are several recovery modes that can be adopted in wizard mode, lost file recovery mode, raw recovery and partition recovery.

keep your data

Prior to presenting these methods, you should first check if your external hard drive is caused by physical or logical failures.

For physical failures The computer can no longer identify the hard drive, You do not have the means to access it. It is necessary to send your external hard drive in the clean room and start the analysis of the hard drive by a computer technician handyman. But this data recovery service will be expensive.

For logical failure The external hard disk can be detected after connecting to the computer via the USB port. But there is no access to open the hard drive and files. Under this situation you can use data recovery software and scan your hard drive. This tool requires much less expense and less time.

Recover hard disk

Virus Attack is one of the worst conditions to be experienced by the majority of users around the world. the dangerous virus enters the USB hard drive when connected to a system infected with a virus or to a laptop without any virus protection.

This type of impact corrupts the entire reader and results in inaccessible data.

recovery hard disk

Again, another hard drive a USB flash memory card or a DVD can be considered. In the case of a USB key or a memory it will be necessary to recover the chip with a specific reader, which requires a professional.

backup integrated circuit a method of backup both internally and externally, the SSD is new every day, especially because it increases the performance of the system. 

The USB key is well and truly for temporary archiving and not for long-term backup, This is a detail to keep in mind when designing your sustainability strategy. 

safe disk

The SAS drives meet the needs of companies by combining the advantages of SCSI and SATA. the connection is identical to the SATA, it must simply verify that the motherboard is compatible.

Any kind of interruptions while formatting or reformatting the USB drive makes RAW

A severe virus infection on the USB drive sometimes damages the file system and leaves the drive in the RAW state

A mechanical failure is much harder to handle. When a hard drive is not working at all and is no longer recognized, data recovery is much more laborious. In many cases, the read heads are broken and the recorded information can not be accessed. Then you have to break hard to a specialized company that will open the hard drive in a clean room, that is space without any dust and try to connect new reading heads. It is absolutely not recommended to open a hard drive yourself, because it would then be more damaged.

Some USB devices backup So if you click on it an entire copy of the files will be saved on your computer. While few USB flash memory devices do not understand this option and when users lose data from it, they can not restore it from backup.

It is a complete set of USB flash memory key data recovery based on simple steps. This data recovery software has the ability to restore lost data due to any circumstance of USB flash memory drives by consuming less time. You can recover missing or deleted MS Office documents, photos, videos, music, applications and other larger file formats or lower.

Recover hard disk

The external hard drive like other storage media can store any type of files, But the external hard drive refuses to work after the hard drive has fallen to the ground or the hard drive is infected with viruses.

You are not the only one who is experiencing this problem, The damaged external hard drive is quite common in everyday life.

If you do not have any important files saved in the external hard drive, all you need to do is buy a new hard drive, In case you want to find the files from the external hard drive, it is recommended to follow these methods to save your important data.

computer data recovery

At a time when everything is computerized, the loss of data is a situation that we meet most often can be the result of the system crash, hard drive crash, virus or accidental deletion of an entire folder.

Fortunately, in computer science everything is recoverable. The erased data does not disappear completely.

In addition, the recovery of deleted files can be performed on all types of media such as hard drives, but also flash memories such as USB keys, memory cards and SSDs.

Consider a situation where you have connected the USB device to your desktop computer to copy some files to it After moving your files, you removed a USB device without using the Safely Remove Hardware option icon in the right corner of the window. 

After returning home, you have connected a USB flash device to your computer to copy these files But USB flash device refused to show the files present in it and displayed an error message that denied access.

You were very tense at this point when you only used the Cut option when transferring files and you also lost the ones that were already on your USB drive before

Laptop have one or more slots, often just open a small flap to access the drive slot. replace the original hard disk if it has failed or if its capacity has become insufficient.

This operation requires, of course, a system restore: get the restoration CD provided by the manufacturer and remember to make a backup of your personal files.

These storage units are also found in external hard drives that are easily transportable due to their small volume and that they are self-powered by the USB connector.

usb data recovery

This mode of recovery is perfect for users with little computer knowledge With the mode of recovery of lost files one can find in a few seconds the deleted files by simply giving the names of the latter as well as their path.

Partition recovery mode is more efficient if you want to recover all lost data Finally the raw recovery is to make a deep scan of the hard drive and restore all the data found there.

fans have probably not forgotten the first episode of the series the hard drive of his computer thinking to make disappear all traces of his escape plan. 

A few episodes later, they inevitably remember the moment when the special agent Alexander Mahone picks up the famous hard drive from the bottom of the river and analyzes it for several days in order to retrieve all the information that was there ... Science-fiction

Not so sure in computer science, nothing is lost, everything is recovered. Because the deleted data never completely disappear from the hard disk Remember, in the recent news, the computer of General Rondot and his secret notes found not the judges in charge of the Clearstream case on its hard drive yet formatted. 

Recover files on hard disk

How to recover files on hard disk how to recover lost photos how to recover data?

Data collector on hard disk drives in raid0, raid1, hard disk file recovery and hard disk repairers are extremely complicated trades and are not within the reach of all.

First you need to locate the problem of data loss on your hard drive.

Formatting hard disk or virus data, erased, unintentional or malicious files or a short circuit on the controller board of the hard disk or pc or a controller board of the burned hard disk or various shocks of the internal hard disk, drop of the external hard disk or of the pc or  mechanical noise of the hard disk.

According to your first diagnosis and my advice, the recovery of data on hard disk, the recovery of files on hard disk can be executed either by you or your company if the problem of the hard disk is benign or by me if your problem is more serious.

fix your hard disk recovery

Symptoms of the hard disk The hard drive is usually not recognized neither in the Disk Manager nor in the computer BIOS, it rotates abnormally accelerates, stops or slams heavily.

If the hard disk has fallen to the ground in full read-write a disturbing noise of friction may add to the symptoms, which is the most critical failure.

To open a hard disk, this can only be done in the decontaminated environment, in a clean room After finding a perfectly compatible donor hard drive our engineers will take electronic and mechanical parts and transplant them into your defective drive. Reprogramming the firmware often a prerequisite before data recovery.

about disk data

Never open a hard drive in the open Never use a data recovery software if the hard drive shows signs of fatigue abnormal slowness, an error or abnormal noises, Without these precautions, you run the risk at worst of destroying your data, aggravating the severity of your hard drive failure It is important that you are able to know to which a broken hard drive type of failure you have to do logical, electronic or mechanical to make the right choice regarding the recovery of your data.

You will save time, avoid unpleasant surprises and knowingly maximize our chances of success. The price of data recovery operations always depends on the severity of the failure and not the amount of data to recover.

recovery data

Data recovery on a hard disk how does it work?

Hitting on Format Option instead of Eject While you disconnect the USB flash device from your computer will erase entire data from it.

A logical failure of the USB flash drive because of the bad sector will turn it into a corrupted state by making the entire data inaccessible.

Sometimes flash drive becomes RAW and shows 0 KB, even if it has a lot of files stored on it what happens in case the USB flash drive is badly infected with virus or malware threats.

Frequent use of the USB flash drive will result in conversion to an inactive or unreadable state, where you can not see its drive displayed on Windows Explorer
USB flash memory recovery software:

Their software makes it possible to know at the near second the activity of the computer at a time For the anecdote, the hard drive even keeps the trace of a word erased or corrected inside a computer word file. Watch in this regard this excerpt from our documentary Total Control 

recovery your disk

Software is provided to recover this valuable information whether on a PC, a tablet, a memory card or a USB key.

In case of formatting they must be used quickly because the data is completely lost as soon as the next write. The software will analyze the media on which the data was lost and allow to save it on another medium. It is not possible to recover them on the same support. It is necessary to connect an external hard disk, a USB key or a memory card.

USB storage media with flash memory

a fully secure USB key with anti-virus, password protection, encryption of data stored on the disk and remote erase and lock functions.

Optical storage medium

On the side of the life of CDs and DVDs, you have what you pay for. Cheap disks can last up to a year, while premium brand more than 300 years of archival solutions.

Even if you opt for a compromise between these two solutions, resist the desire to put your optical disc in a pocket and orient yourself towards a case.

save the data of damaged hard disk

Almost all users have the habit of deleting unnecessary files from the USB drive or system to free up space for storing other data.

It does not matter how you lost your USB drive files If the data is not overwritten with fresh files you can easily retrieve this data with a few mouse clicks using the Remo Recover software.

Damaged hard disk

it is necessary to check if your external hard disk is damaged logically or physically.

To do this you can enable Disk Manager or Computer . If the external hard disk is displayed in the hard disk list then there are logical failures in the external hard disk. Otherwise, they are physical breakdowns.

For logical failures, such as The hard drive has not been formatted, The hard disk can not be accessed. And The RAW disk is not initialized. You can use data recovery software to scan the external hard drive and recover lost data.

keep disk safe

Sometimes while performing this task, the user may unfortunately delete some essential files and perform the delete operation.

Frequently disconnecting the drive from the system, There may be chances of creating bad sectors on the USB drive by disconnecting it frequently during data transfer or during read or write. The bad sectors ultimately affects file system which in turn leads to the loss of data.

Other reasons: Unintentional formatting, file system error, USB drive corruption, abrupt removal of the system drive, file system corruption.

recovery the computer

The discs almost melt in their plastic envelope and you can say goodbye to your data.

to prolong the life of your discs, avoid handling them unnecessarily, sticking a label or writing on them.

The storage of your data is done off-site and marks points by its practical aspect. Once your files are saved on the external server, you can access your photos, videos, music, and documents from any device.

safe recovery

The use of a good data recovery software is sufficient If your result is not satisfactory,  especially do not run its hard drive, the risk of blocking it permanently. 

it may not be recognized with good values by the system, with some abnormal noises see excessive vibrations. Hard disk playback can be slowed down considerably with voltage drops. 

The hard drive is usually not recognized, it rotates abnormally, it accelerates, stops or slams heavily. If the hard disk has fallen to the ground in full write, a disturbing noise of friction may add to the symptoms.

8 of the best museums in the world that are worth visiting

It does not matter whether you like art or not, consider yourself a cultured and educated, or just an onlooker, it is important that in the world there are places where you can always touch the beautiful, to breathe the air of genius, to look into the soul of the unsurpassed master of the art.

In this top artistic and archaeological museums were included, which serve as art galleries or museums complex with a variety of exhibits, from paintings to jewelery and sarcophagi. In these museums exhibited a variety of exhibits from different countries, ages, hands and arms of various masters, but there is something that unites all of these museums - well worth a visit without fail.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The largest and most visited museum of the Netherlands opened its doors at the beginning of the XIX century and became a "home" for more than 8,000 exhibits. 

Here are stored paintings by famous Dutch: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Hoch, Wall, van der Gelsta, van Scorel and many others. Apart from a decent collection of the museum, the building also is an object of the architectural heritage.

National Archaeological Museum, Athens

To learn more about the ancient culture you must visit the National Archaeological Museum in Athens . Here assembled a grand collection of Greek artifacts that reflect the history, life and culture of the ancient Greeks. If tourists feel Acropolis miracle, the National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis, even better. Of course, one day is not enough to see all of the museum's wealth.

Museo del Prado, Madrid

If you are in the capital of Spain , be sure to visit the Prado Museum. It houses one of the greatest collections of European art . This fact automatically increases the importance of the museum in the eyes of any tourist. Bosch, Velazquez, Goya, Murillo, El Greco, Botticelli, Titian - every one of us at least once in my life heard these names.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Each year, about 5 million tourists eager to see the amazing collection of artifacts of the world in one place - the Metropolitan Museum in New York . His pride is a collection of art from all over the world: Europe, North Africa, the Middle and Far East, Central America, etc.

Hermitage, St. Petersburg

In the second half of the XVIII century, Catherine completed its important "mission" - opened the magnificent Hermitage Museum, which holds the secrets of the entire history of the Russian empire. Here is the largest collection of paintings in the world. More than one day is needed to see all the exhibits, stopping even for a second at each.

Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

In the capital of the United States is a complex of 17 museums, which are combined under the Smithsonian Institution. The most famous is the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of the American Indian, National Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics and others. Total attendance of the entire network about 25 million people a year!

British Museum, London

The main museum of the whole of the United Kingdom has become the focus of cultural values ​​not only of the British Isles, but also all the countries of the former empire. That will surprise the traveler, it's free admission to the museum, where you will be shocked by the amount of magnificent paintings and other cultural artifacts.

Louvre, Paris

Queues at the Louvre is calculated not meters, and kilometers - this is the most eloquent proof of his coolness. Only one opportunity to see the painting "Mona Lisa" is worth a visit to this museum.

The museum's exhibits are thematically spread across several expositions: Ancient East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Etruria and Rome, Islamic Art, Sculptures, works of art, fine arts, graphic art. In the year the museum hosts a fantastic 12 million visitors.

The most common stains tourists

As is known, cheat tourists - a favorite pastime of all scams, and it does not matter where you come, whether in Asia or wayward in a strict, brought up the old lady of Europe. 

In order to avoid financial losses and broken mood, we have collected for you the most common tricks and schemes of thieves and crooks who should be afraid. Booked - is forearmed, as they say.


Scam in Italy , as the pigeons in Piazza San Marco in Venice - do not count. And schemes have even more, here are some of the most common, which should be avoided:

False child - it looks quite harmless, and touching: a passing lady with a tightly wrapped in a blanket baby accidentally drops it. Of course, only an indifferent and callous not hasten to help the woman. While the victim leans in to take the baby, fraudsters quickly rummage in her pocket, bag and quickly escape, leaving the baby alone with the doll.

The Letter - poorly dressed, unkempt skinny child almost in tears hands you a pen and a sheet and asked to write a letter home. The child tells all the hard tests, with whom he encounters on a daily basis, and the text becomes so tear that willy-nilly, but writing will be moved. And then the "innocent child" will start begging for money from you, but it is quite an adult, professionally.


India from Italy are not far behind and even it is trying to surpass the number of, and most importantly - the quality of the work of their scams. One of the most popular places to sell a taxi (unofficial taxi).

The first deception of taxi - pretend Dunno: the driver can about half an hour specifically to transport you around the city, pretending that he does not know where your hotel is, because it is often itself a tourist, especially for the first time visiting the country, has no idea where he needs go.

Of course you can show him the map, but in response to the broken English you hear that such a street and does not exist. And the money for the road, meanwhile, continue to drip.

And then in the course is a trick number 2 "no availability" - sympathy, dear taxi driver will ask you to go to the official visitor center, where you will look for hotels in your price range.

How to look, pretend to look for, in fact, just chatting on the phone, and suddenly it turns out that all of the numbers that were you can afford, busy. And offer another hotel, often at his friends, allegedly higher level, but this is not true.

India is famous for its trade in precious stones, but the sale of counterfeits is even more famous. Very likely can be your meeting with traders who supposedly needed to carry across the border scattering of stones, explaining that a limit of traffic he was exhausted.

I assure you that at home you definitely will buy the goods, as soon as you land, even at a lower price, and here for the authenticity you have to still pay for it. Perhaps to explain that at home you will not meet, and stones are not more than the cost of glass, it is not necessary.

Concludes sit only official taxis and buy gems only in licensed stores.

Official Carrier is easy to determine: the car yellow or red, and the driver, you can always ask license. But best of all, take care of it in advance and make a transfer.

The original store with jewels, we hope you will be able to distinguish from a suspicious shop.


Taking a walk through the streets of Paris , you can create an entire encyclopedia of deceptive tricks which year an increasing number of visitors is conducted annually.

A rose for your lady - a popular worldwide system, which allows a man to have a sign of attention to her companion, rather expensive sign. Ladies in medieval costumes will offer you buy a rose or bouquet by initially overpriced, and in case of failure sweet lady starts you so dishonor not only to your women, but also to the whole area, so you'll want to buy a flower, only now it will cost many times more.

Friendship bracelets: there may be several stories, but it starts the same way. Widely smiling stranger comes to you for a meeting with spools of thread or rope and a pair of scissors in his hand, offering a friendly, innocent gesture - to exchange friendship bracelets, but then the situation develop differently. While you are distracted by tying one bracelet, the other in this time very discreetly from your bag or pocket pulls out everything of value. But there are also situations worse - your new friend is so strong and painful squeeze your wrist or fingers, that so he'll let go, you have to "fulfill his desires" - often walk to the ATM, where until devastate his card, you will not let go.

The Lost Ring - if you think you have accidentally found in Paris jewelry, it is not - does not find you, and you. As soon as you pick up the jewelry finding, you immediately come running charlatans with a proposal to sell it, claiming that it's incredibly expensive thing you wore almost the Korol Lyudovik XVI, and indeed, it brings happiness. In general, the situation is the same as with the stones in India.
Concludes, are not looking for new friends do not touch other people's jewelry and the lady better buy flowers at a flower shop in advance - and enjoy it, and you will not get robbed.


Bali - a place where not only steal people, and even animals. So, going to the island's most popular temple of Uluwatu - keep an eye on your belongings, because the monkeys kept there not only to ensure that they play with you, but also that they have cleverly robbed. As soon as something you have lost, "polite and sympathetic" Local soon will come to your aid and take away your wallet monkeys. However, not free - for $ 5-15.

Concludes, things keep firmly beside him, the best camera in the neck tie in half, to just as it is not pulled, and sunglasses hide in the bag.


Spaniards, like the French, are also not against you "make friends." For example, it goes to the newcomer kind, nice old lady and simply holds a sprig of rosemary , which has long been considered a symbol of friendship. Then she very firmly grabs the victim by the hand and offers to tell fortunes. Here it does not matter if you agree or not on numerology and destiny you already predicted, and immediately a nice lady starts to demand money from you for services, quite a lot of money. If we take a chance and do not repay, the lord loudly and very clearly begins to curse you and your family.

And in Spain, like "change the planet for the better" , and begin to do it with the tourists who do not know Spanish. For example, visitors to the run up young volunteers with glowing eyes and a thirst for justice in your heart and offer to sign a petition, well, for example, the landing of 2,000 trees. 2498 people have already signed up and there are only 2 signatures, how can we not help the young, but also the planet ? And then it turns out that you signed a receipt that should the young person 500 pounds,.

Concludes with fortune tellers are not friends, and documents in a foreign language, do not sign.


In Egypt also advise you not to relax, and even enjoying the long-awaited vacation, do not let my guard down and lose - naivety.

The most popular souvenirs brought back from Egypt, papyrus is considered. Do not believe the taxi drivers or waiters or other "helpers" that will tell you where they sell "the best papyrus at very competitive price."

Most likely, there is a fake, and if you do not know how to check the real papyrus or not - in the first place, it should have a license , and secondly, well, can not papyrus cost $ 15 -20.

Another characteristic souvenir of the pyramids of the country is, of course, photos riding a camel. Find the camel with the owner for a photo - not a problem, they are waiting for you at the main attractions.

Once you pay off for the photo services, you just seated on a camel, which after a long taming very calm allows you to climb on.

Then lifts the animal, you take pictures, and it is logical that the animal then "returns to its original position." But no, you are still left on a camel until squirt require from you additional money, otherwise you will not peel off from the animal.

Draw conclusions: camel riding - accord with the travel agency or agree on a walk at the reception, papyrus looking in official stores.

If our list you can not find the country you want, it does not mean that there you do not try to cheat and steal. We picked for you generic, so-called "international" tourist fraud schemes that are active around the world.

Fake ticket - when you're standing in a long queue at the box office for tickets to a popular show or festival, you can approach the man and to offer the same tickets with a small, symbolic additional payment, but you will not have to stand for hours in the queue. Be careful, often these tickets are counterfeit.

Spot on clothes,  One of the scams very quietly shed your jacket on a liquid (either the sauce of some kind, whether a parody of bird droppings), and then the other "well-wishers" will offer you help him clean up. As long as you transfer them to your things out of the pockets you too all cleaned.

Check number, two workers in uniform at a knock on your door to "an ordinary inspection of premises", and yet one with you chattering, diverting attention, second, supposedly making the check, stealing that which lies in a prominent place.

Free Massage, the sun warm, the sea is warm, seagulls fly ... relax on the beach - is simple enough. And then there was a kind man offers massage, and even free, though, and for about 10 minutes, but why not ? And you do not notice as 10 minutes pass in half an hour, and a free massage - in charge, even expensive.

The fake policeman, it all starts with the fact that you fit a man in uniform, posing as a police officer, and begins to talk about the fact that in the city there are many counterfeiters, and want to check your wallet for the presence of genuine banknotes. After verification of the police will not have it that the counterfeit banknotes, but in general any notes. Also, the officer may ask to check your documents , and it turns out that you have a problem, but for a fee, he will quickly solve them.

Polite photographer, a nice stranger will ask you to do a group photo with friends on your camera. In the best case - then he will ask money for it, at worst, "labor" in the form of your own photographic equipment will carry.

Love at first sight - the girls life is not easy, but because they do not mind, that a single man-tourist offered them dinner and delicious drinks. So, they get acquainted with the victims in parks, squares and just give birth to a conversation, rubbing in trust. Then offer to go to the bar , and before you bring nesusvetny account, she happily and suddenly disappears.

Another fake police or " drug dealer " - you are driving now in the evening to a club or simply relax in the night city and jovial taxi driver may offer you a light (something where legal) drugs, which will make your evening more brightly. Once the magic drugs fall into your hands, once there is a fake police officer who did not send you to jail for a particular bag.

What is the right time to book the cheapest air ticket?

These are two ways of preparing your trip have advantages and disadvantages. So I will list your advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

How to Find Cheap Flights

The best flight deals are often available on the airlines' own websites, and many come in the form of coupon codes and special offers. Subscribe to the airline newsletter gives you access to these deals, sometimes as big as 65% off published rates.

Some of the best flight deals I have ever seen are always available during the month of January and February. Round-trip flights from the United States to Europe or Africa for less than $ 380, You do not need to travel during these months, simply means that you need to book your tickets then. 

Airlines seem to like offering cheap flights in January. Probably because people are money after the holidays and they are trying to stimulate demand. Keep this in mind when planning your trips next year, and set aside some money to book your summer vacation flights in January.

A sneaky way companies are trying to make the most profit is by charging different rates for people in different countries. For example, domestic flights booking from outside the country will often be more expensive than booking within the country. Prices may change depending on where the transaction is completed, or point of sale.

However, you can beat them to their game by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to hide your site or pretend to be another place.

Why turn off the phone in airplane

Navigation equipment was not sufficiently protected from external interference. 

Working phones interfered during the pilot's communication with the dispatcher, made it difficult to track aircraft in flight time, radio frequency radiation distorted readings of navigation devices.

Since then phones and devices have become more sophisticated. Most studies have shown that inclusion of electronic devices do not affect the modern navigational instruments. Therefore, in 2014 the European Aviation Safety Agency formally abolished the outdated prescription.

Some airlines still retains the ban due to inertia, but its widespread cancellation - is only a matter of time. Other abolished outdated rule on the condition that during take-off and landing is possible to use electronic devices for reading or playing games, but you can not use headphones to hear the flight attendants ads.

Often air carriers are not allowed to use the phone as usual, preferring to play it safe for the safety of passengers. Takeoff and landing - the most difficult phase of the flight, and it is important to avoid any noise, even minimal. However, it is possible that after further research and they will remove this restriction.

In Europe the use of gadgets at any time of the flight. In the US the restrictions apply takeoff and landing: during level flight no use communication does not prohibit. Russian airlines until stick to the old rules on the principle of what if something happened. Scientific or practical justification that prohibition is not, but the question remains debatable.In recent NASA study conducted in 2016, also states that electronic devices may interfere with GPS operation.

It is believed that mobile phones can cause interference with aircraft navigation and radio systems, especially for precision approach systems and UHF stations. So accustomed to think of the time when all the equipment was still working on some frequencies, both in the sky and the sea, and phones, and microwave ovens. Now radio-frequency grid is strictly divided. 

Nevertheless, even the instruction for pilots provides off mobile phones before taxiing. airline security departments to explain the requirement that at the time of takeoff and landing, passengers must be aware of what is happening and to react to emergencies.

Therefore, in the airplane asked to fasten your seat belt, remove things, open the shutter window to see what was going on outside the window. The phone is considered as an additional distraction.

Properly sleep on a plane

Economy or business? it does not matter. I do not know what a jetlag is, because life is so short and for most of us it is absolutely unacceptable to spend 1-2 days to adapt in the new time zone after a long flight. 

Therefore, you need to sleep on board, so that upon arrival, immediately study the new place, and not hobble to the hotel in search of a pillow. Many people think that it's enough to topple 50 grams of cognac to fall asleep, but in fact you can completely do without alcohol, because there are so many important nuances.

Passport: all you need to know

8 things to know about the passport!

1 Passport for Travelers

For those who travel a lot, here is an interesting novelty,  it is possible to apply for a passenger passport.

Advantage of the latter 48 pages instead of 32 pages , which is not negligible. For my next request I will definitely opt for this one.

The application procedure is the same as for the normal passport. Only difference: a letter on free paper explaining the reasons for this request. It will then be up to the prefectural authority to grant it to you or not.

2 Can we have two passports?

Yes, in specific cases only:

A. Incompatible Destinations. Some countries refuse to enter their territory if the passport contains the visa of an enemy state. If you have a passport from Israel, some Arab countries may deny you entry.

B. Upon a visa application, your passport may be locked in for a while while you are on a business trip.

The approach is the same as for a conventional request. You will have to add in addition the justifications proving that you are in one of the two cases above.

3 Visas and passport

If you think you're going to travel a lot and you have little room left, try to make sure that the stamp placed by the customs officer will not be in the middle of a blank page. It is loss of space for nothing. Generally, they pay attention.

For the case of Israel and other countries, ask the customs officer nicely if he can put the stamp of the visa on a separate sheet. 

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you enter the territory . Check, some have already been refused to fly for this reason.

In some countries, upon your arrival, you are given a form that you must keep to leave the territory. Be careful not to lose it and not throw it inadvertently.

4 Securing your passport

The passport is highly prized by thieves in some countries.

Hide your passport in your bag at the hotel. Or better put it with your valuables in a locked box or box.Walk the rest of the time with a photocopy of your passport . Send a copy of it to your mail or an online space.If you have an identity card , take it also while traveling. You can leave it as a guarantee to rent a motorcycle . Less stressful than leaving your passport.Never give your passport the slightest request to the first comer. Even though this one is an official and a policeman.Always keep your passport near you , in your backpack. In transportation, for example. Never in the big bag.

5 Renewing a passport for free

The renewal of a passport is free of charge in the following cases:

Your passport is full
You have changed your name or first name
You have changed your address
You have a Delphine passport with optical reading and you want to go to the United States without a visa.

6 Stolen or lost passport

You must file a loss report with the city council at the same time as the application for a new passport.In the case of a theft, you must make a flight declaration at a police station. Abroad, see below!

7 Protect your passport

If you travel often, your passport may be damaged somewhat with the road and weather. My last passport is 6 years old, and yet it does not look very good. The cover text is virtually erased. The customs officers sometimes make a bizarre head when they have it in hand. Also, I find that a passport protector can be a good idea.

8 Passport for children

A minor must come and make the request accompanied by one of his parents . The latter must bring a piece of identification.


In this article we are going to make a list of essential applications to make an airplane trip and to have all the information of your flight and your luggage .


The Flight + app is only available for iPhone and iPad, and offers a very comprehensive and detailed information on flights and airports. It is perfect for travelers who need to have everything under control.

When should you book your air ticket?

Skyscanner has conducted an interesting study, analyzing millions of flights purchased over the last three years to highlight trends. 

Don't carry them

On flights to the United States and Great Britain from some airports now you can not carry on board any electronics that exceeds the size of a smartphone!

Who is affected by this ban and on what flights? What can not be taken with hand luggage and must be checked in checked-in baggage?

- Tablets- Laptops
- E-readers
- Cameras
- Portable DVD players
- Electronic game units larger than a smartphone
- Travel printers / scanners

What flights and from which airports?

On all direct flights to the USA from:

- Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
- Mohammed V International, Casablanca, Morocco
- Hamad International, Doha, Qatar
- Dubai International, United Arab Emirates
- Abu Dhabi International, United Arab Emirates
- Queen Alia International, Amman, Jordan
- Cairo International Airport, Egypt
- Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
- King Abdulaziz International, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
- King Khalid International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

On all direct flights to the UK from:

- Turkey
- Lebanon
- Jordan
- Egypt
- Tunisia
- Saudi Arabia


Regarding clothes or items presonales surely have no problem, however, preparing the bag is usually the most headaches given to travelers, especially if you are willing to make a long trip and carry only the small suitcase of hand to Save costs.

The general conditions of the liquids in the hand bag have already been discussed in detail on another occasion, but what if you need to bring with your makeup? Can I bring makeup in my handbag?

The 6 cheap countries in the world to go on vacation

Do you want to go on holiday at the best value? There are many countries where it is possible to live like a king with 30 pounds per day ... Once you are there, you can enjoy yourself without ruining yourself.

1. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, seaside resorts along the Black Sea have suffered a tourist boom in recent years as Bulgaria is a cheap country, far less than traditional summer destinations such as southern Spain. If you prefer the atmosphere of the big cities to the beaches, go to Sofia , the capital of the country. A budget of 30 pounds per day per person is enough to discover the local culinary specialties and taste the "robust" local drinks, sleep in a comfortable bed and make new friends. Located 20 minutes by metro from the airport (35 to 40 minutes by bus), the old center of Sofia will allow you to satisfy your thirst for culture, The second oldest city in Europe is filled with museums and galleries such as the Museum of Socialist Art and the National Museum of Literature. Enjoy the summer sun and visit the beach "Lulin Beach". The resort has three outdoor pools, a sandy beach, a football pitch and even a "canteen" where you can buy pizza.

Fly with transfer

Sometimes we have to choose flights with transfers. For those who fly in this way for the first time you may have many questions about such a trip. 

Connecting flights are selected most often by virtue of their budget on the principle of "better to sit a couple of hours at the airport than overpay for a direct flight." And if for experienced travelers, such flights are not uncommon, then flying with a connection for the first time the question immediately arises bunch. That's on them and we tried to answer. 

How to find cheap air tickets?

The study proved that Friday is the most unfavorable day for the purchase of airline tickets. Firstly by the end of the week end offers less economy classes, secondly many secretaries usually on Friday book the tickets for business travel of its executives on the following week. Third many people are thinking about vacation just before the weekend.

But on Monday and Tuesday, on the contrary, the most favorable days to buy tickets. Lowest fares "thrown" by the airlines late on Monday, after summing up the sales in the last week and demand analysis. And all the unsold tickets are set at a discount.

How to book a hotel online?

How to do when booking hotels - The following tips will help you.

1. Looking at the Internet about hotel reviews. Suppose you find a village hotel, do you like your hotel room, suitable location and the price? do not take hasty decisions. In the network a lot of sites with reviews, do not be lazy and read them because it will help you avoid the frustration and hassle. In addition, if you are confused and can not choose a hotel among the hundreds of proposals, read forums where people are advised to place a well-tested and added to the real, rather than advertising photography.